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June 23, 2016

9 Things To Do When Your Family Vacation Gets Rained Out

It's happened to us plenty of times.  We have the best vacation planned and have a schedule of exactly what we're going to do when all of a sudden it starts raining!  But do we let that stop us from having fun?  No!  We pull out our backup plan so we can still make the most of our vacation!

Here are a few things you could do if you run into weather trouble.

Play Board Games - Taking some playing cards or a travel board game can save the family fun.  Even better?  Take a game that takes long or can be played many different ways so you won't get board.  Scrabble, Monopoly WhatchamaDRAWit and Phase 10 are a few of my favorites.

Movie Night - Taking a portable DVD player with some DVD's can really come in handy for a rainy day.  Or, if you're not on a budget and still want to venture out then a trip to the local movie theater will make a nice rainy day treat!

Crafts or Activities - Do you have young children?  Pack a mini craft box to keep them entertained  in case it rains.  Simple things like markers, crayons, stickers, scissors, googly eyes, glue sticks and construction paper can go a long way!  If you have kids who are a little older then parlor beads, a beginner embroidery kit, puzzles or Legos are perfect to pack to keep them from being board.

Build a Fort - What's more fun than building a fort in the hotel room out of the sheets and blankets?  You can tell ghost stories, have a picnic or just watch movies together.  This one is one of my favorites!

Visit a Library or Museum - Traveling to indoor libraries or Museums are a fun (dry) way to spend a rainy day!  Libraries are free and sometimes have events going on.  Some smaller museums are free too!  You can google to see if you have any free or cheap museums in your area.

Fun Centers - If you are looking for some family fun outside of the hotel room then an arcade or bowling ally is exactly what you need!  You might even want to look out for a paintball or laser tag place.  I personally love laser tag!

Go Shopping - Remember that money you were saving for a rainy day?  This would be the perfect time to use it!  Buy souvenirs or find bargains on back-to-school clothes.

Tour the City - Who says you need to be outside to sight see?  Get a taxi, ride on a tour bus or just drive around and sight see in your own vehicle!  

Play in the Rain - If all else fails...just go play in the rain!  Having fun and experiencing new fun things is what a vacation is all about.  Worry about those wet clothes later and just splash in those puddles.
Don't let the rain put a damper on your next vacation!  Make a backup plan and use any of these fun ideas to make the most of it...no matter what!

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