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April 2, 2016

March Blog Report & April Goals

March is over and it's time for another blog report.  I can honestly say that, unlike last time, I feel great about this month's report!   Most of my numbers are better than ever and I really worked hard to get them to this point.  Click here to view more Blog Reports including last month's.  

Here are my stats and how they differ from February.  (Numbers in blue indicate difference from last month.)


Sessions:  1,515 (+316)
Users:  1,004  (+327)
Pageviews:  2,355  (+472)
Page / Sessions:  1.55  (-.02)
Bounce Rate:  75.25%  (-1.06)
% New Sessions:  60.79%  (+8.83)

Facebook:  1,070  (+94)
Twitter:  206  (+67)
Instagram:  970  (+642)
Pinterst:  425  (+35)
Google+:  114  (+18)
Email Subscribers:  105  (+39)

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March Goals

-1,000 likes on Facebook!  (I will make this happen!!)
-Pitch a guest post idea or submit work to website
-Grow my Email List to 70 (right now I'm at 66)
-Get to 2,000 pageviews this month 
-Make another Recipe Post
-Look into Vlogging 
-Get one paid sponsored post

What I Missed
This month I got a little caught up on growing my email subscribers and other social media platforms that I didn't even touch submitting work to a website, making another recipe or signing up for sponsored posts.  

What I Accomplished
Even after missing a few of my goals, I think all my hard work paid off last month!  I was surprised to see how well my numbers were and I'm determined to work even harder this month to keep them growing.  And can I just say how happy I am that I hit my 1,000+ Facebook likes goal?....Finally!  Considering in December I had a little over 700 likes (and that took me 4 years to get), this is amazing to me!

I also set up my email account on MailChimp and sent my first opt-in offer.  I did this all on my own, so I'm very proud of myself considering I'm not in any way tech savvy.  If anyone is interested in learning how to do this, let me know.  I wouldn't mind saving you the headache by showing you how. 

You have probably noticed the social media platform with the most growth last month has been my Instagram.  I learned about Instagram Loops and the amazing power they can have when used in the right way.  I shared what I learned from my first IG Loop Giveaway that helped me bring in and keep over 600 new followers.  (I have only done one so far.)
April Goals
  • Start an editorial calendar.  (I have a blog post binder and plan my posts up to a week in advance, but I have yet to plan them for the whole month and on. 
  • Increase Pageviews to 3,000.
  • Create new Opt-In to grow my email list. (Hopefully to 200 or more.)
  • Buy a domain name.  (I still have yet to do this...Yikes!)
  • Submit a post to a website or guest post on a blog.

I also have a question for you all.  How many of you are interested in me doing a video or two and what would you want it to be about?  I'm terrified of the camera, but I think it would be a fun experience to help me step out of my comfort zone while helping you too. 

I have learned so much during March!  I'm so excited to take that knowledge into a new month and apply it from start to finish to see how much more my blog can grow.  

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  1. This is a great post. I need to really sit down and record my blogging goals for the month. Thanks so much for sharing at Merry Monday.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Sherry! It really does help keep me accountable and push me to do my best every month!


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