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April 5, 2016

Organizing Your Inbox - Keeping Emails & Using Folders

One of my biggest posts so far has been about Cleaning Out Your Emails - How To Get Down To Zero.  You all loved the simple tips I provided for you, and believe me they are easy!  

But some of you shared your struggle with deleting emails and trying to figure out which ones are important and which ones needed to go, and that's what today's post is for.  I have some tips for deciding what emails are important so you can get rid of the rest without missing them!  

I'll also be talking about folders and all the benefits you can get from making them...seriously, they're awesomesauce!  

Emails That Are Important
  • The information can't be found anywhere else  
    • Emails from friends & family 
    • Special email only promos or information 
  • Has important information
    • Passwords
    • Tax information
    • Account information
    • Order and shipping information
    • Work information
    • Has important dates like appointments or meetings
    • Agreements or contracts
  • Needs immediate action
    • Coupon codes
    • Work emails
    • Emails requesting information or followups
    • Upcoming events to attend 
  • Work related
    • Emails from boss or other co-workers
    • Other businesses you work with
    • Payment information
    • Deadline info

If it doesn't fit into any of these groups, then it's not important.  Things like social media notifications can be found on your social media profiles, so there's not need to even get these notifications in your inbox.  

Another way to limit how many email you get is to only sign up for stores you shop at frequently.  If you're looking for a coupon code or sale it's better to just google it or use a coupon website to see what codes or deals are available.  This will significantly free up your email space!

Here's another tip...
If you're having a conversation through email and it's 10 emails long (with the same email thread), go ahead and delete the other 9 emails and only keep the last one.  You will still have all the same information without having a bunch of emails in your folder.

Awesome Reasons To Use Folders

An inbox is a great way to receive lots of information at once, but it's not a great place to store important information.  Here are some great reasons why you should use folders.

  • Important emails don't get lost or deleted
  • Keeps emails organized
  • Helps find what you need quickly
  • They help separate the important information
  • Delete unwanted emails quickly
  • Organizing your inbox and getting down to zero is a breeze now!

Hopefully all this information gets you even more motivated to empty and organize your inbox.  Folders are awesome for quickly organizing your important emails and using the list above, you will now be able to know if an email is worth keeping or better off tossing. 

Who's ready to get their emails organized?!  

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