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April 19, 2016

5 Things That Are Robbing You Of Your Day

There's just not enough hours in the day.  I sometimes find myself wondering where did all the time go or why didn't everything get done?  I finally came to the conclusion that I was wasting my time on 5 things that were not important and were robbing me of my day.  

These five things are small but very distracting and took up a big chunk of my time.  I've since changed them but like anything it's a work in progress.  


Time can fly by quickly when I'm scrolling down my wall and reading what everyone is posting.  It also doesn't help that Facebook now has Facebook Live or those videos of people making super delicious recipes or awesome crafts.  I can get so addicted to those!  


I'm very visual and am attracted to photos more than words.  Instagram is the worst thing for that.  I easily get sidetracked scrolling through all the photos on my Instagram.  It also takes up a lot of time trying to get the perfect photo to post and then editing it before it's posted.  And let's not get into hashtags!  I can get lost in those. 


As a blogger I use my computer every day to research, write blog post and edit photos.  It can get distracting, though.  I find myself looking at other websites and blogs while I'm supposed to be working.  Google and Pinterst are my best friends during blog time but I guess you can say they are a bad influence.  


The phone is probably the biggest thing that is robbing us of our day!  It doesn't help that it's portable and like a mini computer.  With games, apps, social media, internet, text and email available anywhere, it's no wonder the day sometimes feels unfulfilled.  


DVR, Netflix and cable have really made it easy to find something to watch anytime of the day.  They also make it easy to binge watch TV, which can make hours pass by quickly.  I used to have the TV on while working (you know, for background noise) but I have started turning it off completely because I was getting sucked into the shows. 

Tips for changing this 

It can be hard to change some of these habits since we are so used to technology always being available.  The best thing to do is turn off the TV while you are working or trying to get things done.  Limit it with family members and maybe instead of watching that show, you all can play a board game.  

Also, put the phone away.  We are so used to having our phone with us all the time but when it's put away we have less of a chance of looking at it.  It also helps to turn off notifications so you won't get tempted to check it when you get something.  

When you are working on the computer make sure to only have one browser open.  If you need to do research on something then write it down for later and finish as much as you can of the task first.  Then, go back to the research list and start looking them up one at a time, crossing them off as you go.  This is like a checklist and will help you stay on task...which brings me to my next tip.

Make checklists!  Checklists really help you stay on track.  I just use a simple spiral notebook because if I use my phone or computer notes section, I have a greater chance of getting sidetracked.  

Do any of these things rob you of your day?   

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  1. I'm so bad about mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. I wish there was a way to be able to bookmark a group or page I want to start at. If I start in the newsfeed, I always get distracted. Thanks for sharing this post at Motivation Monday. See you next week!


  2. I am a planning freak and I loved finding this post on the Merry Monday link party.
    I recently changed my tracking time system when I realized I was spending more time on social media than I should.
    Excellent tips!


  3. I'm trying to get myself more organized and efficient. Especially when it comes to social media.


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