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March 14, 2016

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist Free Printable

The first day of spring is just around the corner and I'm so happy we're seeing nice, warm weather here in South Texas!  We're also on Spring Break this week, so you can bet we're taking advantage of family time and lots of fun activities!  

Since the official day of spring isn't until March 20th, there's still plenty of time to get that cleaning in.  Making a list of everything that needs to be freshened up or wiped down can really come in handy, but can also be a hassle to make.  Don't you worry...I got your back!

I have done all the work for you with this free printable!  I know, I know...I'm awesome.  :P

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning List is two pages and comes with boxes next to each item, so you can check them off one-by-one.  There's even a spot at the end for you to list your own spring cleaning to-do's!  

It hits every room in the house (Bedroom, Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen, Entryway, Garage/Attic/Basement) and even the space outside the house(Outdoors & Vehicles).  This list literally makes sure no corner is left untouched so you can have a fresh new house this spring.  Now only if it came with someone to do the work for you!

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I hope this printable helps you get through your Spring Cleaning routine in no time.   Have an awesome Spring Break and I hope it's filled with lots of fun...oh yeah, and maybe a little cleaning, too.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

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  1. Hi Jessica! I'm new on your website. I've liked your page in FB already, which is how I found your website. I have subscribed to your mailing list and am eagerly waiting to download the spring cleaning lists. For some reason - I haven't received the "confirm e-mail" request from your site. I've been waiting a couple of hours for it, lol. I think everything is working on my end...what about yours? And btw - I love your website.
    Looking forward to more goodness,
    Hooked In Pawleys

    1. Hi Kelly! First of all, thank you so much for taking interest in my blog. I'm so happy you love it! Next, I'm sorry this has happened and I'm looking into the issue to see what the problem may be so we can get you this awesome printable right away.

      Here are a few reasons why you might not see this printable in your inbox. Please read and check that it's not any of the following problems. Then get back to me at 123neatandtidy (at) gmail (dot) com so we can figure out another way to sign you up and get you this printable!

      1) Please add me to your contact list with the email 123neatandtidy (at) gmail (dot) com.
      2) Check your junk folder for an email from Mailchimp or Jessica at 1-2-3 Neat & Tidy.
      3) Check your deleted emails, just in case you overlooked the email by accident.
      4) What email address did you use? AOL, Yahoo!, and Gmail accounts sometimes take longer than others to receive emails. It could take up to 24 hours to receive certain emails.
      5) If you use Gmail, it might be placed in your Promotions tab, so check that too. To prevent this, please follow step 1 above.
      6) Verify you entered the correct email information. You can do this by sending me a quick email to the one posted above. I can then see if you are added to the list or not.
      7) Sing up again. If the correct email is not added to my list, please feel free to sign up again.
      8) If all these steps still do not work, I will then contact my support team at mailchimp so we can see what the problem is.

      Thank you again Kelly, and keep me informed so I can resolve this issue for you ASAP.

    2. Hi again! I finally got the confirm request. I guess the internet is just moving really slow today?! Thank you so much for all your help today!

    3. That's great Kelly! Enjoy the free printable! :)

  2. Looking forward to this Spring Cleaning checklist. Sounds like it will be super helpful. Thanks for linking up at Motivation Monday!

    1. Thank you so much, Raki! I'm so glad to see you stop by and I hope you enjoy the list!

    2. Hi Jessica! Your post will be featured this Sunday in our weekly Motivation Monday post. Thanks again for sharing such a great resource!

    3. Thank you!! I so appreciate it! I can't wait to stop by Sunday! :)

  3. This is sooo helpful! :) Going to be sharing your post on my FB page later today :)

    1. Chrystie, you are super sweet & awesome! Thank you so much! I'll be looking out for it.

  4. I desperately need to do some spring cleaning. It just seems like every time I clean my house it's messy again within a day. I can never decide if it's worth that effort, but it does make me feel so good to have a clean house for a short period.

    1. Daily cleaning can be such a hassle!! I do not like cleaning my daughter's room because I know it will just get messy again. But this list targets other areas in the home that you might not think to clean, like walls and light switches. Deep cleaning at least once a year is always great to have a nice fresh start...even if the room is cluttered. :) I hope you enjoy the list, Meghan

  5. This is so helpful. Time to get ride of my clutter!!
    Thanks for sharing with us on Thursday Favorite Things!

  6. Just in time for Spring! Can't wait to use the checklist!

    1. Thank you Mia! Enjoy the checklist! :)


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