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March 3, 2016

One Thing You Are Not Using On Your Phone - But You Should

We use our phones every day to make calls, text, check emails and use apps.  But are we really using them to our advantage?  

There's one thing that we're ignoring on our phones that could help us in many ways, and it's totally free.

The Clock App....

This awesome app is free and already on the phone when we purchase it.  We may use it for a few things, but I don't believe we're unlocking it's full potential. 

Here are a few ways you can use the Clock App and how it's helped me. 

World Clock

This is a wonderful feature if you have someone who is in another time zone.  You simply add the city from anywhere in the world and it appears on your World Clock section.  You can then compare times to know the perfect time to contact your other timezone buddy.  

It's also a nice feature for figuring out the time difference and planning the day when planning for a trip to another time zone.    Especially if it's in another part of the world. 


This might be one we already use to wake up in the morning, but it could be used for more than that.  

Setting reminders with Alarms is the perfect way to remember things.  I always set my alarm for my laundry.  It reminds me to switch it out on those days I just have too much going on.  Are you terrible at setting a time to work out only for it to pass you by?  Get those workouts in with a reminder from your alarm.  

Plus, isn't it fun to change the Alarm title?  It could be the extra boost you need!  I love when my husband sets little messages encouraging me to wake up.  


The stopwatch app is great for exercising.  Time your runs, walks or workouts to see if you can beat your last time.  It's a great motivator for getting in shape.  


This is probably my favorite thing to use!  It's fun to time yourself and see how fast something can be done.  I'm a semi procrastinator (really I just work better under pressure), so using a timer gives me the push I need to finish my tasks.  

Here's a list of things you can use your timer for. 
  1. Exercise
  2. 15 Minute Cleanup
  3. Game Night
  4. Cooking / Baking
  5. Time Outs
  6. Breaks
  7. Laundry (reverse of an alarm)
  8. Homework / Work
  9. Play Time
  10. "Me" Time
  11. Electronic Sharing Time

I told you the Clock App had lots of potential we were not taking advantage of!  I bet you will never look at it the same way again!


  1. The timer in my clock app is the only timer for the kitchen I've used for years. It comes with me around the house, so if I'm in the office, I don't have to worry about hearing a timer in the kitchen go off. Plus, one less thing to buy. And the alarm bit, well, alarm for getting up in the morning, but also alarms for naps (when I remember to set it, anyway, ha!).

    1. Ha! I should use mine for naps too, Jessica. Thanks for the idea! The clock app can be used for way more than people think.

  2. I forget about the clock ALL the time!!! Good reminder!!
    I'm on mat leave but I always use the alarm, I don't even have an alarm clock lol
    Simply Shaunacey

    1. Hello Shaunacey. Congratulations on your little bundle of joy and enjoy Maternity leave! I used to use the alarm for feedings when my daughter was little. I got the idea when I saw a $200 gadget to help set your feedings and keep track of how baby was doing. My first thought....I can do all this on my phone! :)

  3. I use my alarm function for everything...I can forget anything in a heartbeat ;) Thanks for adding this to the Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop!


    1. Hi Shellie! I forget everything too. The alarm is such a great feature for me to remember even the simplest thing.


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