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March 1, 2016

February Blog Report & March Goals

I learned a big lesson last month!  I set my February goals way too high, and although it's good to aim high, it's not good to overshoot them either.  It just sets you up for failure. 

January was a great month for me and I grew from 700 - 900 Facebook followers.  Because of this, I really thought I could grow my followers even faster in February and way surpass my 1,000 followers original goal.  So I went for a 1,500 followers goal...  (Didn't happen!)

Another thing in January was my stats.  I started getting over 4,000 pageviews per month (according to my Blogger stats).  I had never used Google Analytics before and signed up mid January, so I had no idea how the numbers would differ from the Blogger stats I was used to.  It's a big difference!  I definitely missed my 3,000 pageviews goal in Analytics, but made it on my Blogger. 

Here's the report for February and my new goals for March using Google Analytics. 


Sessions:  1,199
Users:  677
Pageviews:  1,883
Page / Sessions:  1.57
Bounce Rate:  76.31%
% New Sessions:  51.96%

Facebook:  976
Twitter:  139
Instagram:  328
Pinterest:  390
Google+:  96

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February Goals

-1,500 Facebook Followers
-200 Twitter Followers
-Actually sign up for an Influencer campaign 
-Make $100 from Ads
-Make $190+ from Influencer campaign (that's one or more posts)
-Get more involved in Affiliate program
-Get the hang of this Stumbleupon thing (seriously clueless!)
-Increase my pageviews to 3,000 this month (My Blog account shows I have 4,000+ PV, but I know Google Analystics is more accurate.  We'll see how many I get this month. 

What I Missed
I missed pretty much everything!  I feel I had unrealistic goals last month, even though at the time they seems pretty attainable to me.  It's a learning experience! This month I plan to aim lower and really think about the goals I'm setting since I know what I'm dealing with now.

Thought I got the hang of Stumbleupon only to find out I was probably doing it wrong, so I'm still looking into that.  I think I'm close to cracking it's code.  :)

What I Accomplished
I signed up for four Influencer campaigns in February.  Three of them denied me and I'm still pending on one, but the point is that I'm trying.  I feel so proud of myself for this!

I also found some affiliate programs and even signed up for a few of them too.  

Although this was not a goal I set out to accomplish, I finally figured out a post routine and am now up to 3 posts (consistently) every week, plus I have a list of upcoming posts for the next two weeks!  This is HUGE, and something I've been trying to do for about 4 years now!  I give a lot of credit to the Blog Journal I created at the beginning of the year. 

March Goals

-1,000 likes on Facebook!  (I will make this happen!!)
-Pitch a guest post idea or submit work to website
-Grow my Email List to 70 (right now I'm at 66)
-Get to 2,000 pageviews this month 
-Make another Recipe Post
-Look into Vlogging 
-Get one paid sponsored post

I'm more hopeful this month in making these goals.  I think they sound more attainable if I work hard enough.  (Hopefully my lesson was learned.)

Let me also say that my blogging style really grew in February.  I stared writing about topics that I never thought to before, like blogging, my weight and even my first easy, but delicious, recipe!  I'm also hoping to get into other topics in the near future that would be fun for both of us, so stay tuned for that!  

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  1. I'm a newbie blogger and I probably should sit down and write down some goals. I feel kind of all over the place, just trying to figure out social media + all the behind the scenes of running a blog. I also have StumbleUpon on my To Do list but I feel like my brain probably can't handle it right now! Good luck this month!! Visiting from The 36th Avenue party.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! My advice to you is definitely write down goals, even if you don't post it for everyone to see. Writing my goals down has really helped me achieve a lot, even if I don't meet them all. Also, focus on one main thing at a time. You can do this day by day, week by week or month by month, but focusing on just one thing can help you grow. For example, maybe focus on growing your Facebook one week, your mailing list the next and so on.

  2. I love that you put this all out there. I love that you write down goals. I need to do that! You are doing great!!

    1. Thank you! I was a little scared to do it at first but it's a learning experience. And hopefully it can help someone else out too.

  3. i love your tidy tips and your goal setting, it is ok to set high, just dont get upset at your self if you did not reach all your goals, you go girl- i need to do this on my blog page, i am new to blogging,

    1. Thank you, Stacy, for your kind words! I so needed to heat that. Sometimes it's difficult to not be hard on yourself, but I'm taking this as a lesson. This is the hardest I've ever worked on my blog, and I already see it taking me in the direction I want to go. I would suggest doing something similar...even if it's not on your blog it's self. Setting goals is always a great way to push yourself and keep you focused.

  4. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop

    1. Always love stopping by! :)


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