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February 8, 2016

Why We're NOT Having A Garage Sale This Year

Garage sales are a great way to get rid of your stuff and make some money on the side.  I've mentioned a few times (like this post here) how you can use them for your benefit, but the truth is...they're not for everyone.  

We too were planning to have a garage sale in March (spring break), but quickly changed our minds.  Here are some reasons why we're not having a garage sale this year.

Our junk piles up

Right now we have almost a whole (small) spare room full of junk we want to get rid of.  My parents cleaned out the attic and garage, and found lots of things were damaged from the heat.  They decided to bring the rest of the good stuff inside, but most of that stuff has turned into sell items.  This leaves a big problem for several reasons.

  1. Space - We are now a room short.
  2. Messy Room - It's not fun having all that mess there to see every day.
  3. Stress - Seeing the room filled with mess can cause a lot of stress (not to mention the stress of us going through all of it to price).

Pricing Things is a Pain

True story...When my mom and I were pricing things for our last garage sale, I got a blister on one of my fingers from tearing tape to price things.  That sucker hurt so much!  I think it was then that I first understood my dislike for garage sales.  

And let's not get into people taking those prices you worked so hard to put on everything, off.  I know what I set the thing at and if anything, I'll give you a higher price instead of a lower one.   

There Goes Your Weekend

This might be my biggest thing about having a garage sale...you don't have a weekend!  Sure you close shop at noon or latest 2pm, but by then the exhaustion of it all kicks in.  You spend the rest of the weekend cleaning up or recovering.  

The Time Put in Outweighs The $$ You Get Back

It just takes too much time getting everything ready for a garage sale.  The way I see it, the amount you get back from one does not compare to the time you put in.  (We don't break even in my eyes).

Left Over Junk

This is the part I do not like...having junk left over.  Again, it makes us want to just keep it all and not worry about how we're going to get rid of it.  Or maybe "save it for the next garage sale" that won't be happening for another 6 months. 

The whole point in having a garage sale is to get rid of all your junk, right?  But in reality some of the stuff stays and you're stuck trying to figure out what to do with it again.  

Greater Chance of Keeping Things

We love our stuff, I'm sure you love your stuff too.  Even if you haven't used something in 20 years, an attachment has grown.  What I've noticed about my family is the attachment grows even stronger the more we see the item.  Things slowly come out of our sell pile and make their way into our keep pile.

If we really like something and don't want to feel like we're giving it away, then we over price it for the garage sale.  This usually leads to us keeping the item (because of course it's an insane amount for that item that no one wants to pay) and we are back to square one with junk we don't use.  

But let me get into something serious that many of you probably haven't thought about yet and probably the biggest reason we're not having a garage sale this year.  

Horrible People

A group of ladies came to our garage sale last time and stole some items from my poor mom.  This truly breaks my heart because she was genuinely trying to help them, but another distracted her while the other took off with the items.  At first she didn't understand what was going on until she saw them run to the car and take off.

Another type of horrible people to look out for are scammers.  We had a run in with one who slipped a tried to make us pay for their medical bill and missing of work, but luckily we had talked to a lawyer & our insurance that informed us in no way were we responsible.  I feel this person thought we were weak and assumed they could get some money out of us, not to mention they saw we had a two story house (which means nothing).  

By the way, the hospital they went to informed them they had nothing wrong with them.

After the drama and all the work put into this last garage sale, I was ready to not have another.  I'm not telling you in no way ever not have a garage sale.  I totally support them and I'm even thinking of doing a few more posts of what DID work in our favor that day, and who knows if maybe we'll decided to explore that option again, but these are just a few reasons why WE opted out this year.

Stay tuned for my post coming soon, highlighting some great alternatives to garage sales that can help you get rid of your stuff!

Have you ever had a horrible garage sale?  
What are some things you don't like about having a garage sale?  


  1. Garage sales are so much work! I have had a few, but our last one I think I made $20 for what must have been dozens of hours of work. The leftovers make me crazy.

    1. Hi Keri. Wow, $20 is definitely not enough for a garage sale and is the perfect example of why I don't like having them.

  2. Have you thought about doing goodwill or Savers donation? I did it last year and organized the baby, toddler, and adult clothes that we outgrew or hadn't worn in years and are able to have it as a tax write off. They also take homegood items.

    1. That is a great suggestion Candace, and one that I will be talking about in my post next week for some great alternatives to garage sales. We actually were donating to Goodwill, which is why we hadn't had a garage sale in a long time, but decided to do something different last year. I think we got that out of our system, though.


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