Home Life Blog: 5 Ways To Kickstart Your Decluttering Process

August 6, 2015

5 Ways To Kickstart Your Decluttering Process

Decluttering can be pretty tough.  It's much easier to keep all the stuff we have instead of going through it and getting rid of what we don't need anymore.  This is when we need a little push.  

Here are some ways that have helped kickstart my decluttering process. 

1.  Schedule a Garage Sale

This is the best thing you can do!  My parents and I had a lot of junk we didn't use but kept for one reason or another.  We had not had a garage sale in over 5 years... say what?!  We were due for one!  Together we helped each other look through all of our junk and decide if it should be sold.  We set a date early on and stuck to it.  

The last week before the garage sale, we were nowhere near ready.  We still had a lot of things to go through and we even thought about rescheduling it.  That is when I decided to go pay for our permit right then and there.  We would not push the garage sale back but instead work harder to make it happen.  

We did have that garage sale with plenty of junk for the picking.  Even though one day was rained out, we still had plenty of people stop by and thankfully we got rid of lots and lots of stuff.  It felt so good that we're planning to have another one soon, and you bet I will be getting our permit early again as a motivator!  

2.  Start a Blog

I started this blog when I was in an organizing rut. I've always been an organized person, but I did not know how to organize with a baby and a husband.  (Some things are just easier alone.)  I wasn't giving them up, so I decided to start a blog to motivate myself to get organized.  It was a way to track my road to organization and it's worked!  

I'm still not 100% where I want to be, but it's definitely helped us find a little organization groove.  A blog will hold you accountable, especially when you post for everyone to see.  

3.  Set a Money Making Goal

Do you want some extra cash for something big?  Set a money making goal and start fishing through that pile of stuff you have.  

Sell on eBay, Amazon or even on local Facebook groups.  Look for things like small antiques, collectibles, toys, books, clothes or accessories. Those are some of the things people are looking for all the time!  You will make lots of extra money by re-evaluating your items and the best part is you don't have to get a second job to save up for that big vacation, new sofa or anything else that costs $$$.  

Think of it this way, If you sold 100 things for $1 each then you will have $100!  Of course you will be selling items for more, but my point is selling the items you don't need can really add up. 

4.  Start a Decluttering Challenge

Challenge your family members, friends or neighbors to declutter.  See who can get rid of the most items or how many bags you can fill up with junk to give away.  Winner gets bragging rights and everyone gets a cleaner home!

You can also find plenty of decluttering groups on Facebook.  These groups can help you connect to others who are also trying to get organized and declutter.  Encourage each other, upload photos and see your house become more like a home. 

I had a decluttering challenge a few months ago and it really helped me get rid of a lot of stuff.  Take my 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge here to get started!

5.  Think of People in Need. 

If you have stuff to get rid of but are holding on to them for one reason or another then try this little trick.  Go through everything in your house one room at a time and decide if you really need to keep it or if it would be better off with someone who can benefit from it more.  

Are you really ever going to use that portable grill your in-laws got you for Christmas?  If you haven't used it in the two years you've had it, then chances are you won't be needing it.  That portable grill could help a family without a working stove be able to cook meals for their family. 

Donate old prom dresses to girls who can't afford one.  Old work clothes and jewelry can help a single mom get a job.  Old toys can go to kids who don't have any toys.  Even books that you haven't read in a long time could be donated.  They could help children who love to read but don't have money for books.  

There are plenty of organizations and churches that take different types of donations, you just have to research what your local community has to offer.  

I hope these tips can help you kick your clutter to the curb.  The ones that worked best for us were setting the garage sale date because it pushed us to finish the process.  The money making goal also helped us to find more stuff to sell at our garage sale so we can make more money towards the thing we wanted.  (In this case it was a vacation.)

Do you have any other tips for clearing out your clutter?  Leave them in the comments below.  I'd love to hear them!


  1. Oh, I love your name. I started a blog too. To date that has been the best de-cluttering motivation, I've ever had.
    Here from HomeMatters.

  2. I just got home from a long trip. I am using the unpacking process as a way to declutter as well. I already have a bag of clothes to donate.

  3. Investing in a in home paper shredder really helps me declutter. No more hoarding on mail with my name on it

  4. Oh I am fond of decluttering. This is part of my monthly schedule. lol

  5. It feels so great to purge the things you no longer love or use. All the better if you can gift someone else or make a little cash. I'm definitely ready for some spring cleaning. Thanks for sharing! :D

  6. The title is so very creative and unique. Starting a blog is yet one decluttering schedule.

  7. I am massive on decluttering! Always selling, donating and throwing things away. I like a nice tidy house

  8. I think you covered the bases on what to do with clutter... I still have a bunch of stuff that I'd like to put on eBay.


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