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June 16, 2015

Packing Kid's Clothes - Keeping It All Together

Packing for little kids isn't as easy as it looks.  Yes they have smaller clothes, but you have to remember more things like outfits, extra clothes and underwear.  If you forget something it could mean your child might not have enough clothes for a whole trip (especially if you are nowhere near a washer or dryer).

For the past 4 years we have used the same system for packing my daughter's clothes.  It's so simple, keeps everything organized and I am sharing it with you today.

What's my little trick?  Plastic zip bags!  

These things are such a lifesaver!  I can pack my daughter's whole outfit in them including underwear, socks and a bow.  When I'm ready to change her on a trip I just grab a bag.  These are also great for keeping dirty clothes separate from the clean ones.  

I like the bags because they fit so nicely in her suitcase, making it easy to find what I need. 

I use the quart size for my daughter's 4T-XS clothes and fold them the way I fold her pajamas so they can all fit.  I also file them in with the zip part on the bottom so I can clearly see what's in each bag from the top. 

When we are done with a trip, I like to keep the bags together in the suitcase so I can use them the next time.  

What tips do you have for packing your kid's clothes?

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