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May 1, 2015

Win The Sock Battle With These 5 Tips - Never Look At Socks The Same Way Again!

If you followed along with me on my Instagram or my Facebook Group then you saw the lovely picture of my daughter's socks.  The bright colors are probably the first thing you notice about the photo and that it's so organized.  This is really how I have her socks.  

How do I get her socks to look so pretty?  I'll let you in on my little secret.

I purposely keep one sock inside out and the other outside in so when I fold them into each other the color side will show.  I do this for several reasons. 

  1. It looks pretty!
  2. It makes it easy for me or my daughter to find socks that match her outfit. 
  3. It looks organized (because it saves space) with the socks folded into each other rather than just a small fold on top. 

My husband's socks are folded this exact way too! 

Do you see how much nicer they look when you can see the pattern?  

So here are a few more laundry tips to help you win the sock battle!

1)  Fold them last  

It makes it so easy to find all the socks in the laundry pile and find the matchers at the end.

2)  Get the kids to help do the dirty work  

Do you have a child age toddler or older?  Awesome!  You just found yourself a helper.  Kid's are great at finding the matching patters & colors.  Have them help you put them together and you just go back and roll them up.

3)  Have a sock lost and found  

I have mine in my daughter's drawer for her socks.  It's easy to see what socks need matchers so I can just match them up as I find them. 

4)  Buy less socks  

This is the cause to all the stress of folding socks...having way too many.  Buy enough for a week or two and throw all the ones that are already torn or stained.  If it has a hole, then it needs to go! 

5)  Don't fold socks
That's crazy business, right?  Not if all your socks are the same color and style!  It will be easy just throw them in your drawer and grab two pairs when you need to.  Oh!  And did you get the memo that mixed matched socks are in with kids now?  Buy different colored socks and let them have fun mixing and matching them!  Win for you and a win for them!

If you read my 20 Facts About Me post then you already know I don't personally like wearing socks, unless I'm working out or it's really cold (usually in the winter).  This means most of the socks I fold are my husband's and daughters.  

What do you do to win the sock battle? 

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  1. Um.... lost socks in the laundry! We usually hang them on the washing line in pairs to make it easy to find and fold.

    1. That's a great tip Agy Lee! Definitely a great way to keep them together while they are drying. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. =)

  2. I thought everyone folded their socks that way until my husband moved in and was shocked! Great tips!

  3. Would you believe my husband has three times the socks I do. How did that happen? I'm all for less and on all the same color .

  4. Love this idea! I usually just throw to similar socks back together, always mismatched!

  5. This is like the smartest thing I've ever read. Seriously, GENIUS! My kids' socks are always flipped inside out when I fold them and I never know which ones I'm grabbing. THANK YOU!

  6. This is a great idea. With my boys I didn't have a sock problem because I only bought them white socks. I tried that with my daughter but she is not having it. If her socks don't have pink in it somewhere, she is not happy. I will certainly us your technique for her socks. Pinned!

  7. I use this trick myself. My husband just throws them all in the drawer.

  8. We have so many sock puppets around my house because we couldn't find the match. This is a great . Thank you for sharing.

  9. This is brilliant! On our travels, my daughter's socks take up way too much real estate -- I am going to try this.

  10. Fantastic tips! There's few things that are more annoying than a missing sock. I am a "roller" when it comes to the little's socks. :) Thank you for sharing at the Creative Inspiration Link Party. Join us again Monday 8pm CST.

  11. I'm a lame mom. I buy white boy socks and white girl socks. Then if one sock gets a hole in it I can throw it away and there will still be another one to match it with. I rarely have socks left over when I do laundry and whenever their pairs start to dwindle I just buy new white socks. It works for us. :) Thanks for linking to Tips & Tricks. I can't wait to see what you link up next.


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