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May 19, 2015

Road Trip Emergency Box - Never Road Trip Without It

We are back from our Austin trip (and Color Run experience), and might I say it was awesome!  I think I just might call Austin my home now and I can't wait to go back!  I'll put together a little post for you of our adventures, but today I'm continuing my road trip series and talking about emergencies.  

Emergencies can come in different forms.  There can be a big emergency...like the type where bleeding is involved, and there can be a small emergency...like one of your kiddos has an accident and you need to clean up and change their clothes.  These are when an emergency box comes in handy!  

This little box stays in the car on our road trip.  It is there in case we need it and we do not get anything out unless we are using it.  Here's what I have packed in mine.  Remember that I have a 4 year old so yours might be different.

-(2) Sets of extra kid's clothes - Because you never know when there will be an accident.

-Full sized towel - Just in case I need to cover something (like the seat). 

-Toilet paper

-(2) sets of small wash cloths - In case I need to clean/wipe something. 

-(2) plastic bags - You can use garbage bags, but I just used plastic shopping bags.  They haven't banned them where we live yet.  These come in handy if you have a puker, trash or dirty clothes.

-Lysol wipes - More cleaning.  

-Flashlight / Lantern -  This lantern is battery power but is awesome!  I love it because it stands up unlike a flashlight.

-First Aid Kit - This one is just for the car and has different size bandages, tape, gauze, Q-tips, single wipe packs and ointment.

-Sunscreen & Mosquito repellent - I keep them together in a plastic ziplock bag. 

-Night time diapers - My daughter is well out of diapers, but you never know when they will have a tummy problem leading them to accidents.  It's better to have these just in case we are on a long stretch of road with no bathroom in sight.

Another thing You should think about purchasing is a cheap little trashcan.  Thank goodness I purchased one at Dollar General for $1 before we left because my daughter got car sick on the way to Austin.  I lined it with two shopping bags and it saved us from a big mess!  

Do you have an emergency travel kit?  What do you pack in yours?  Please tell me I'm not the only one that over plans like this!  Find more travel tips here!

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Krysten. This box has saved us on two road trips so far!

  2. I've been stuck in the car without a barf bag for the kiddos before. It wasn't pretty. Great ideas!


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