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May 15, 2015

Road Trip Busy Box - Hours Of Entertainment For Kids

Keeping the little ones entertained on a long road trip could be hard.  Between the "Are we there yet?" and the fussy tantrums, it can get pretty frustrating.  

A few years ago, I came up with a busy bag for my daughter when we had to take a long road trip from deep south Texas all the way up to El Paso ( That's about an 11 hour drive, people!).  It was such a great success that we have been making them ever since!  Here's what we are packing for her on this 5 hour trip.  She's 4 now, so we included a lot of "big girl" things and instead of a bag, it is now a box. 


-Coloring Books
-DVD's (Including 2 new ones)
-DVD Player
-Headphones (So we won't have to listen to an hour of Caillou)
-Play-Doh & Play-Doh Toys
-Small Figuring Toys
-Stickers (Not Shown)
-Lego Duplo Blocks
-Magic Marker Book
-Search & Find Puzzle Book
-Mazes Puzzle Book (with washable markers)
-Dot-To-Dot Book
-Uno (Not Shown)
-Empty Notebook for Drawings

We're taking a three day trip to Austin, so this is plenty to play with!  I plan to use some of these in the hotel too.  I also like that this little box can fit next to her seat in the car.  She can easily reach and grab what she wants to play with all by herself! 

I also thought of a way to keep the tantrums and fussiness down.  I cut a sheet of stickers into rows so I can just give them to her when she's being good.  I can even just give them to her individually.  It will be a great reward for her and hopefully help us get through this trip peacefully. 

What items do you pack in your kid's busy bags?  Leave your ideas below and for what age range of kids so others can get ideas!  Find more travel tips here!

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