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May 6, 2015

Planning For A Road Trip - How Not To Forget Anything

It's a week and a half till our big Austin Road Trip for the color run (Whoohoo!!) and I'm already getting things ready.  Over planner?  Maybe, but there is hardly a trip we go on where we say "Oh, I forgot (insert items here)!"

Here are the things I'm getting ready right now until the day of the trip.  

2 Weeks Before Trip
-Kid's Busy Bag
-My Road Trip Essentials
-Personal Care Bag

Week of Trip

-Clean House
-My Travel Bag
-Emma's Travel Bag
-Emergency Bag

1 Day Before Trip

-Getting The Car Ready
-Snacks & Food

Day Of Trip


Summer is right around the corner, so these will be great tips to remember!  Follow along with me as I go into more detail on these tips this week and next!

When do you start getting ready for a trip?


  1. Love your tips. It's always a hassle to organize everything before the trip:)

  2. You're headed to my town! Have fun at the run. I did it last year and loved it.
    I think this is a really good breakdown. Usually I run around like a headless chicken the night before.

  3. Depends on where we are going. When we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge over the weekend, I packed the night before.


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