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April 13, 2015

3 Ways to Organize Magazines

I love magazines!  Some of my favorites are Better Homes & Gardens and HGTV Magazines.  They are just filled with tons of useful information and I can't part with them.  If I need some inspiration for a project I usually reference back to them,  so of course I have a lot of them and have to find creative ways to display them so they won't look like clutter.  Here are my 3 ways I organize my magazines. 

1.  Magazine Holder -  I use this clear magazine holder from Target to display the magazines that have colorful spines.  I love the way they stay nice and neat in the magazine holder but you can still see what is inside.  

2.  Stacking Them - I stack some of my BHG magazines in a wire basket.  This way they can be displayed neatly and I can still see what I have.  I've organized these from earliest issue on top and oldest issue on the bottom.  The wire basket also makes it easy to move them to a different location.

3.  Roll Them Up - This one is pretty much for decorative purposes.  If I had a guest room, I would so do this for my guests.  I rolled my magazines and closed them off with a very small rubber band.  I then placed them in this woven basket I found.  I made sure to get lots of different colors so it will look nice and bright.

These three different ways of organizing my magazines really work for me.  I know eventually I will have to get rid of some, but for now I'm enjoying having all of them around.  

How about you?  In what ways do you organize your magazines?  

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  1. I love magazines too & especially the ones you mentioned. I usually use magazine holders to organize them. I love the clear one you used. Definitely makes it easier to find magazines you may want to refer back to.

  2. Great ideas for organizing. I especially like the clear magazine holder.

  3. I stack them, but I do love the other methods!

    1. Stacking is one of my favorites too! =)

  4. I have stopped buying magazines because I just can't bare to throw them away! I already have too many! Thanks for sharing your great tips on Monday Madness link party! :)


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