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March 9, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 29 - Bookshelves

Today is Day 29 of the 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge.  Yesterday I covered how to organizes books and magazines.  Today I'm going to help you get your bookshelves organized.  Here are all the tips you need to complete this project.

-Decide how you want your books set up.  Do you want them alphabetically, color coded, by size or author?   

-Take all the books off the shelves and start grouping them by how you want them displayed. 

-Clean the shelves before placing the books back.

-If you have a big enough bookshelf, you can stack some upright and some stacked in different parts of the shelf.  

-If you have kids and they have their own bookshelf, you can color code them by subject (kind of like a little mini library).  One color cars, the next animals and so on.  They sell special color dot stickers in the office supplies isle of most stores, but you can also use regular stickers if you can't find them.

-Knickknacks are always nice to display on bookshelves, especially if you have the tall ones!  Have fun reorganizing them and placing different items you have around the house on top of stacked books, or using them as bookends.  If you already have knickknacks on your bookshelves, then you can take this time to dust them.  

-If you are constantly lending out your books, I would invest in a This book belongs to stamp.  You can find these on Amazon or make one of your own from Vistaprint.  It makes it easier for your friends and family to know which book belongs to you!  And some of them on Amazon are just lovely!  

-Baskets also work nicely on bookshelves for keeping things together!  They are especially nice in kid's rooms or even living rooms for hiding toys.  No one knows what's inside and it makes for an easy cleanup.  

I hope these little tips help you organize your bookshelves.  

Show off your best bookshelf photo!  Post your pictures to the Facebook Group here where I will also be sharing my before and after photos or tag me in your pictures on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.  

 New to this challenge?  Click here to print your checklist!  It's never too late to join!


  1. We are starting the process of moving and packing everything up, and I can't wait to start the unpacking process and get organized. I love bookcase styling in magazines, where everything is color coded and sweet little knick nacks are added in with them!

  2. I worked in a library for years in high school and college so I can't help but organize my bookshelves by subject (Dewey Decimal system)!

  3. Great tips. I've been trying to clean out and reorganize our office for months, and this will help me.


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