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March 8, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 28 - Magazines / Books

Happy Monday everyone!  This is the last week of our challenge and it will be a short one.  We will only spend three more days and then it's over.  I've really enjoyed doing these challenges with you and I hope I could help you get organized. 

Today is day 28 of our 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge and we're tackling our magazines and books.  I'm not just talking about organizing them, but also using them in your home decor.  Here is all the info you need to help you tackle this task!  

-Go through all your magazines and books and decide if you can part with any.  

-If there are only a few pages you like in a magazine, go ahead and tear them out and get rid of the rest!  You can start a binder with all your magazine clippings of decor, recipes and other things.  No use in keep a whole 100 pg. magazine for just 2 pages.  

-Use see-through magazine holders to keep them organized and easy to see.  

-If you don't have magazine organizers, you can store them in a plastic wire bin.  Just stack them up in there and since the bin is wire, you can still see what you have at the bottom.

-Make sure to show off bright colored spines in magazines or books.  Stack them together and show them off!  They add a pop of color and add to decor.  

-Add books with bright colors (or that go with your color scheme) to a display shelf.  You can even place a little figurine on top of it to give it hight and have it stand out more.  Stack the books on top of each other with the figurine on top or stand them upright with two figurines as bookends.  

-Stacking a few books or magazines with a decoration on top is also nice for a coffee table, end tables and in the guest bedrooms.  

-Roll your favorite magazines and tie them closed with twine, ribbon or anything else you might have.  Place them in a basket for display.  

I don't know about you, but I go back and reference my magazines for different ideas on organizing, home decor, recipes and basically everything I can think of. Having a place I can easily access my magazines has saved me tons of time, plus I love the colors and character they add to my home.  Books are no exception!  I don't always go back and reference them, but I use them to add color to my nightstand, desk, and on top of my command center.  We spent so much for these reading materials, we might as well get more use out of them when we're done with them, right? =)

So I want to see your best styled magazine/book display!  Post your pictures to the Facebook Group here where I will also be sharing my magazine/book photos.  You can also tag me in your pictures on FacebookTwitter and Instagram

New to this challenge?  Click here to print your checklist!  It's never too late to join!

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