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March 3, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 25 - Home Binder

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It's day 25 of our 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge and time to get our Home Binders organized!  What is a home binder?  It's a binder used to hold everything you use to run your household and keep your life sane.  You can basically put anything into your home binder, as long as it helps you and your family.  Here are some categories you can include in your binder.

-Cover page
-Meal Plan/Shopping List
-Party Planning

Your binder does not have to include all of these, just the ones you think you will use most or if you think of another category you can put that in there. 

Free printables are your best friend!  You can easily purchase Home Binder printable on Etsy, but getting them free is even better, especially when it's your first time putting one together!  Here are some great printables from bloggers on the web, including your's truly! =)

C'mon Get Crafty:

-Printable Blogging Planner that includes
Post Ideas Page, Blog Post Checklist, Week Planner, and Daily Reminder Checklist

-Blog Organization Printables that includes
Weekly Blog Planner, Card Challenge Plan and Linky Party Checklist

The Military Wife Life:

-Monthly Meal Planner
-Monthly Budget Printable
-Recipe Binder Page
-Printable Grocery List

I Have a Future and a Hope:

-Daily Food Journal
-Checking Account Register
-Monthly Bill Chart

-She also has a Free Commission Chart and Chore Chart for kids you can print out when you subscribe to get her e-mails.  Sign up is located on the top and left side of her page.

1-2-3 Neat & Tidy:

-Holiday Gift List
-Grocery Deal List
-Kids Daily Schedule Free Printable
-Shopping & To-Do List
-Learning Activities Free Printable
-Birthday Calendar 
-Link Party Tracker
-Weight Tracker
-Password Log
-Personal Care Inventory

These are just a few of what you can find on the internet.  I would google Free Home Binder Printables and see what you come up with.  Don't forget to check out all the awesome links and blogs above!  

If you have any questions you can ask me below or on any of my social media outlets like FacebookTwitter and Instagram!

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  1. Nice collection of printables! they help me to stay focus!

  2. I love the idea of the home binder! MUST do that at some point.

    Thanks for sharing all of these printables, too - I'm looking forward to checking them out!

    1. Thanks Segan! The printable are really great, and so is having a home binder. It makes it easier to keep things together.

  3. I think a home binder is a great idea! It allows all the important information to be availble in one central location! I even do this with my bar, ie: server binder, kitchen binder, etc. It is very useful! Thank you for the great tips and printables!

    1. That sounds awesome Krysta! I never thought about making one for the bar, that's just genius! =)

  4. I don't have a home binder...but have thought about making one up. This makes it much easier for me to do that!! Thanks!

    1. You're welcome Jyonash! Let me know how it turns out!

  5. I have never even heard of a home binder - I'll have to check these out to help keep everything running smoothly! Thank you!

    1. You're welcome Shannon! You will love it! It really helped me get on track with my finances and I use the calendar as a quick look of everyone's events and appointments.


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