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February 3, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 6 - Office

Today is day six of the 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge!  Today's task might be another tough one, but I know you all can do it!  We are tackling the Office today.  I'm mainly going to be focusing on the desk since that's what usually gets the messiest, at least for me.  If you want to move beyond that, then feel free to, but remember not to get over whelmed.  Take it step by step and one section at a time.  Also, don't worry about doing any bookshelves or your file cabinet yet.  There are days for those too.

Lets get started!

-Take everything off your desk and wipe it down.  Clean all the electronics too, like the key board and computer screen.

-Sort your paperwork into these 3 categories… Trash, Shred, Keep.  Shred all items in shred pile when you are done sorting. 

-Sort the keep items into these three categories… File, Pay, Call/Ask/Cancel.  This is just for a fast sorting system.  We will cover filing in another project, so you can put that aside for now.

-Keep the items you put back on top to a minimum.  Too many items can lead to more clutter.  

-Have a small space?  Keep items like your stapler or scissors in a desk drawer or basket near by rather than on top of the desk.  This will give it a home and eliminate clutter on the top of your desk.

-Next move on to the desk drawers.  Take it drawer by drawer throwing trash and older items away (like pens and markers that don't work anymore) and grouping like items together.

-Create sub organizing stations within the drawers for your grouped items.  You can use small cardboard boxes, old soup cans, trays, cups and anything else you can think of to organize your items within the drawers.  If you don't have any drawers in your desk, then check out this post on organizing small office supplies.  I show you how to organize your items with bins instead of drawers.

-Use magazine holders to store printer paper and magazines you might refer to on a daily basis.  You can also use this to hold notebooks or journals you might need daily.

-If you have a bulletin board filled with paperwork then now would be a great time to go through this to see if there's anything you can clear off.  Less Stuff = Less Stress.

I think that should do it!  Make sure to join our Facebook group here to show off all your hard work!

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Let's make our workspace sparkle & shine!

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