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February 2, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 5 - Purse and Wallet

It's day five of the 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge!   Today's task is so easy, you can even do it on your lunch break at work!  We are tackling our purses/wallets today!  Don't worry though.  This won't be as bad as it sounds, I promise!

Here is the breakdown.

-Remove everything from your purse.  Seriously, just dump it on the table, bed or floor.

-Throw all that trash away.  This is the part where you have your purse turned upside down over the trash trying to get those crumbs out.  How do they end up there?

-Go through all paper items such as recipes, mail, coupons and decide what is safe to throw, what needs to be shredded and what needs to be kept.

-Gather all the change and put it in your coin purse or wallet.  You can also take it out and place in your piggy bank.

-Put all your makeup together.   

-Invest in a small accordion file that can fit in your purse.  Use it for receipts, bill money, coupons, appointment or business cards and other paper items you can think of.  This will free up your wallet!

-Keys - Click here to find out how to never lose your keys in your purse again!  This changed my life!

-Keep your sunglasses in a case or in the sunglasses department of your purse for easy finding and do the same with your phone.

-Take all other items out that do not belong in your purse and put them in their proper place.

-Lastly, put together a Just in Case Kit.  This kit will hold all those items that you have just in case you need them.  Gum, bobby pins, hairband, Chapstick, hand cream, bandaids, nail file and so on.  Pic a good sized bag and place whatever fits.

-Wallet - Make sure you have taken all receipts, appointment cards and coupons out.  The only items in your wallet should be money, cards, drivers license/ID and checkbook if you have one.  Never keep Birth and SS cards in your wallet.  

Here is a fun question, what is the weirdest or grossest thing you have found in your purse?

Mine has to be the rotten banana I found when I was switching back to one of my old purses.  I put a banana in my purse as a snack for my daughter but I guess I got a new purse and only switched the essentials out, totally forgetting the banana of course.  When I went to switch my items back days later, the banana had turned to mush ruining everything in it!  This is why we should clean our purse often, right?  Lesson learned.

Follow along and upload your pictures for this challenge to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  (No rotten banana pics please.)  You can tag me or use #TeamNeatAndTidy to share your progress and see what other's are up to in this challenge!

Just joined in?  Welcome!  Click here to read more about this challenge and print your very own checklist to follow along.  

Here's to not finding any rotten bananas in your purses today!

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  1. This is so helpful!! My purse is ALWAYS a disaster area and I probably only clean it out like once a year (I know...get it together, lady.) I really love the idea of an accordion file to keep my receipts out of my wallet and the "just in case" kit is pure genius (I always have bobby pins and half-used tubes of lotion floating around in there.) The weirdest thing I ever found in my purse was a can of tuna. That is not a lie. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. I SO need to do this! My purse is a wreck! Great tips!

  3. Guess what? I no longer have the issue of clutter in my purse...I downsized a few years back so that all that will fit is my wallet, Chapstick and cell phone, lol, problem solved 😊

  4. I cannot clean out my purse often enough! It really can become a catch all if I am not careful!

  5. Thank you for the helpful organization tips!

  6. I definitely need to get organized so this is AWESOME! :)

  7. Hmm, I think the grossest item I had found in my purse was an old apple, similar to your banana! I had stuck it in my purse one day when my husband, son and I were going out for a walk as a snack. But TOTALLY forgot to give it to him!

  8. I hear you on the gross food in the purse. The other day, I was running out the door and I just threw crackers (not in a baggie) in my purse thinking that she might want to eat them. Um? How did that make sense. Now I'm still cleaning out crumbs from that poor decision making. Thanks for these tips!

  9. I did this the other day and was mortified by the things that I found in there. With 3 small kids shoving things in it without my knowledge, well let's just say I should do this more often! lol ;)


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