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February 1, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 4 - Under Bed

Welcome back!  How did your weekend organizing go?  Were you able to tidy up your closets?  If you still need some time to finish that closet, then go ahead!  You can always catch up on another day.  The last thing I want is for you to start a new project and get overwhelmed.

Today is day 4 of this 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge and today's task is going to be under the bed.  I think under bed storage is overlooked and taken for granted.  There is so much potential for this space if you just give it the opportunity!  I do not mean keep junk under there and forget about it.  I mean maximize the space you are given and make it work for you.  You don't have room in the closet for your sweaters?  Store them in a rolling bin under the bed.

Here are just a few other examples of what you can store in this space.

-Extra linens.
-Gift bags, tissue, wrapping paper and party decorations.
-Gift closet.  I actually have my gift closet under my bed.  (Pictured above)
-Craft supplies.
-Extra home decor items such as picture frames, vases and small knick knacks.
-Bags that you don't use that often, such as a beach bag, backpack or travel purse.
-Holiday decor.
-Games & Puzzles.

The ideas really are endless!  So take the time today to see if you can use this space in your favor.  Measure the height and find the right bins to fit.  Stores like Target and Walmart have lots of bins that fit great under the bed!  Or you can reuse a bin or a box you might already have around the house.

If you already have stuff under the bed but do not have them organize then now is the time!  Decide what stays and what goes.  

I want to here how you are doing!  Comment below with your progress and what you decided to store under your bed!  You can also follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to upload your pics. Tag me or use #TeamNeatAndTidy to show us your projects and follow others doing this challenge!

Are you new here?  It's never too late to join in the organizing fun!  Just click here to read more and print your list so you can follow along.  Also, enter your email at the top of this page to get these challenges to your inbox each day!

Let's Rock Day 4! 

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