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February 26, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 22 - Utensil Drawer

Welcome back to another challenge and the last one for this week!  Today is day 22 of our 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge and we're organizing our utensil drawer!  We're going to clean this drawer up and

Here is what you need to complete this task.

-Take everything out of the drawer and clean it out.

-Add shelf liner for easy cleaning.  You can also add a grip liner so your utensil organizer won't move when you open and close the drawer.

-Throw all the trash away and relocate any items that do not belong.

-If you have a utensil organizer then now will be a good time to clean it, wash it if it's plastic.

-Toss any utensils that are extremely worn or you do not use.

-If you don't have a utensil organizer you can make one out of boxes you have laying around the house.  Or you can buy one at your local dollar store or Supermarket.  It doesn't have to be anything fancy, just as long as it can hold and separate your utensils.

This is a pretty easy task.  If you like you can move on to the other kitchen utensils in your drawers like the baking and serving drawers.  

Post your pictures to FacebookTwitter or Instagram and tag me in them!  Or you can use #TeamNeatAndTidy.  

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