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January 29, 2015

30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge: Day 3 - Closet

We are on day three of the 30 Day Neat & Tidy Challenge!  You all are doing awesome!  I've seen a lot of great organization already in our Facebook group!  

Today's challenge is a little tougher than the last two, it's your closet!  I know this project might take longer than expected, so I'm giving you today and the weekend to tackle it!

Here are the steps you need to accomplish this task.

-Start from top to bottom and go one section at a time.

-Take everything off the shelves of your closet and clean it with a cloth or a vacuum.  Add shelf liner if you are able to.

-Donate or toss items that you haven't worn or used in a year or more.  Find a new home for items that don't belong in the closet.  Do the same for hanging items and drawers.

-Group like items together and organize them back into their new home.

-Turn all your hangers around.  This will help you see what you wear and don't wear by the end of the year so you can re-evaluate your closet again.

-And while you are at it, take out any unused hangers now.  It will give you more room in your closet.  Plus, don't you just hate when they fall to the ground or get stuck on other clothes you are trying to get out?

-Refold and "file" t-shirts in a dresser or basket (read this post here for more info) and roll tanks to save space.  

-File or roll pajamas and jeans too.

-Go through your shoes and see which ones you can get rid of.  If you love shoes and collect them, then you might want to invest in plastic shoe boxes to keep them looking nice. You can buy some at Dollar Tree for just $1!

-Make sure nothing in your closet goes untouched.  Everything should be touched and evaluated at least once.

-Function over beauty.  Your closet is no good if it just looks pretty, but doesn't work for you.  Pinpoint your trouble spots and see what you can do to fix them.  

-Take that pile of clothes out of the house and donate right away!  The longer it stays, the bigger the chance items will end up back in this space.

More Tips on Organizing Your Closet:

-If you have time and the money, invest in flat hangers like these.  They save lots of space!  (You can always save this project for when you have extra money to spend.)

-Use the back of the closet door for storage.  You can keep your bags, scarves or shoes here!

-One in one out rule.  If you are tight on space (like I am) then this rule will come in handy!  Basically when you bring a new item into your closet space, you have to get rid of an item.  Like if you buy a new shirt, then you have to get rid of an older shirt.  If you buy a new bag, you have to get rid of a bag.

-Organize your clothes in a way that can help you in the mornings.  Put work clothes with work clothes, dresses with dresses, color code your closet or put them in order from shortest sleeve to longest sleeve.  Whatever your organizing technique make sure it works well for you.

-Use labels so you know what's inside.

-Store out of season items at the top of the closet or in a bin on the bottom of the closet to save hanging space.

-Holding on to those skinny jeans from 5+ years ago just in case you lose weight?  Why would you want to wear old clothes for accomplishing your goal?  Toss them and make shopping for new clothes your new motivation!

-Keep sentimental items to a minimum.  Try donating the rest to the needy who could benefit from them!  This way it doesn't seem like a loss.  

I hope these tips help you a bit!  You have three days to complete this project so I would take it one step at a time.  

When you are done, upload your pictures onto Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag me or use #TeamNeatAndTidy to show off your accomplishments and connect with others in this challenge.  

If you are new to this challenge then click here to catch up and print out your list.  It's never too late to start this challenge!    

You can do this!  I'd love to hear about your success with this project!  Leave me a comment with your progress and what you think of this challenge so far!  

Happy Organizing!

Want more of this challenge?  Join the Facebook group here!


  1. Oh, the closets! I love to clean them out as a way to get rid of things. My rule is if you haven't worn it in two years it goes out.

  2. Looks like a lot of progress and great work! What a great challenge and awesome that you have a whole group participating :)

  3. My closet needs some work. I have lost 40 pounds and have a lot of TOO BIG clothing right now!

  4. My closet is organize but I definitely need to sort through my clothes! I have too many I don't wear!

  5. I do this all the time. I go through our stuff and get rid off things I don't need. Then my husband (who likes to keep everything) complains for days after. Lol :-)


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