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September 1, 2014

5 Things To Do After Getting Over a Cold

We are just getting over being sick here at our house.  When we are 100% better, there will be a few things that I will start doing right away to prevent any germs from spreading again.  Here are the things I feel should be done every time you and your family get over a cold. 

1)  Change our toothbrushes!  We always change our toothbrush every 3 months.  The only exception is if we get sick in between changes.  Germs can accumulate in the toothbrush bristles, so changing them will help prevent from getting sick again. 

2)  Wash the sheets, pillow cases and any other blankets we might have used!  This is a biggie!  We were sick and slept in those sheets, maybe even drooled on that pillow case!  Our sick germs are everywhere!  I feel no matter what day you wash your sheets, it should be taken care of the moment you feel better.  

3)  Disinfect!  We grab those clorox wipes and start disinfecting everything!  From the toilet seat, to the sink and even all the door knobs!  Chances are our germs got on those things and are lingering there for the next person.  If you are not too bad, you can also just wipe them down during your sickness. 

4)  Wash clothes!  When I'm sick, I wear my clothes all day, which means those clothes are germ magnets!  I like to wash them when I feel better so I can start fresh and get rid of the germs.   (Same thing goes for any towels we may have used too!)

5)  Throw the trash.  All those tissues we used for our runny nose are still in the trash….yuck!  We throw out the bag, no matter how full or empty it might be, so we can stop the spreading of germs.  The way I think of it is the faster they are out of the house, the less chance you have of getting sick again (or someone else getting sick).  

Bonus tip….Depending on the weather, we might even open up the windows for a few minutes to air the house out and let fresh air in.  

Ok, now I want to hear from you!  What things do you usually do after your family gets over a cold?  

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  1. The neti-pot is our big go to when colds strike! Keeping the germs washed out of the nasal passages so infection doesn't set in. If sinuses are swelled, we take a advil and do the neti-pot about a hour after so some swelling has gone down. During cold and flu season we make sure to wash our hands as soon as we enter back into the house from being out and about do wash those germs down the drain! When school starts back up I make sure to keep on top of the kids vitamins (multi, vit D, vit C, probiotics, omega oil and colloidal silver)


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