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August 29, 2014

One Big Step for This Momma: First Day of Pre-K3!

These past two weeks have flown by so fast for me!  It's been filled with lots of running around, work and trying to get my little one in Pre-K3!  

It all started last week when we finally decided to put my little one in school.  We've noticed that she's been a little board at home lately, so we knew she was ready for school, especially since she kept asking us if she could go.  We put an application in the Thursday before school started and got approved for head start.  We honestly didn't think she would get in so fast (I think we were kinda hoping a little that there wouldn't be spots available at all)  and then on Monday we got the call.  There was a spot for pre-k3 and she could come finish the registration and she could start the next day.  

After that, everything went in fast mode.  Thank goodness I had already bought some of her supplies and a few clothes just in case she got approved faster than we expected.  By Tuesday she was starting her first day of school……ever!  We were scared and sad but she was so excited!  She kept rushing us telling us to hurry because she didn't want to miss school.  (Super cute!)

We dropped her off at class, where all the kids were crying by the way, but not my brave little one.  She didn't shed a tear.  After that, it was the longest 7 hours of my life!  I know I should have probably taken a nap or something, but I kept looking at my phone in fear that they would call me to tell me that something bad happened or that she was in tears and they could not stop her, they needed me.  That call never came.  

By the time 3pm came, my little one came out smiling and ready to go home with us, but excited about all the adventures she had that day.  She said she wanted to go back the next day!  

I may have over reacted the first day and worried way too much, but I'm glad my little one is growing and discovering new things on her own.  Hopefully she continues to look forward to the rest of the school year as much as she has this first week.

How was everyone's first week of school?  Do I have any other first time mommies putting their kids in school this year?  How was your experience?  


  1. That is so fun and hard at the same time. My little one is still not in school yet but when that days comes it will be a little bit sad.

    1. It was hard Shonee. I think I cried the whole first week after dropping her off. I think the biggest thing for us is that most people know the whole summer that their kid is going to start school so they have time to accept it and with us we found out in less than a week. Really hard, but seeing her smiling face when she comes home and hearing about her day makes up for it. =) Thanks for stopping by!


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