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July 8, 2014

Pillow Talk

There's a new addition to our bedroom…this lovely pillow!

Last time I showed you our bedroom, the bed was lacking color.  Though I still think it could use a little more, this pillow really brightens it up.  

Don't you just love how all the flowers are embroidered, not just printed on?

I'm also loving how it matches the lamp shade I have on my nightstand already.

My bedroom isn't 100% complete yet, but it sure is coming along from where it used to be!  Here is a list of the things I still want to do.

Bedroom To Do List:

-New bed cover & shams (If you're more of a comforter person because you can't stand those duvet covers, then you can get this one here.  It just costs a little more, but will save you the headaches.)

-New sheets
-Add accent pillows
-Bed rails
-Bed skirt
-Under bed storage (in progress)
-Matching side tables (or at least one with drawers for the other side)
-Add art
-Change lamp base
-Change rug (still undecided)

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  1. What a gorgeous pillow! I also noticed your use of a teacup and plate as a jewelry organizer on your banner - I did the same thing on my vanity! :) So pretty!

    1. Thank you Brandi! Yes, I love that teacup. It's actually in my drawer since I have a little one, but every time I open the drawer and see it, I smile. Thanks for stopping by. =)

  2. Did you have to iron your duvet cover? Mine doesn't look as pin tucked as yours :(

    1. No. I have washed and dried it a couple of times already, so maybe that's why? The first time I took it out, it did look a little flat.


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