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June 2, 2014

Toy Storage

My little girl's room is huge!  It used to be our room, but we gave it up so she could have her own room and not have to sleep in the living room that is sort of like a loft bedroom. (What parents do for their kids!)  It's pretty organized except for one section....her television/toy, but not really toy area.  

Yup, you can see from this picture what I'm talking about.  No storage for toys, outdated furniture that is broken, wires everywhere and what's going on with that lamp? (Long story short on the lamp, it used to be too bright for her as a baby so we put all that stuff on top to dim it and yeah....looks the same 3 years later!)  This section needed a major facelift!  When I thought about her toy storage, I pictured something more like this.....

What do all these lovely pictures have in common?  Open storage, easy access to toys and order!  These rooms have got it together!

I started off by finding this Threshold storage cube from Target.  It was the perfect size that I needed and looked like it could hold a television and some decent sized bins!  Really, the regular fabric bins you usually see fitting into a cube system looked tiny in these cubed compartments.  Luckily I had the perfect solution for that!

I have been eyeing these Threshold milk crate bins for a while, but couldn't find a good excuse to buy them.  But guess what....they were the perfect size for this storage system!!  After I came home from shopping, this is what everything looked like!  (Some items I used for other projects)

And this is what everything looked like after everything was put together!  Notice we finally updated the lamp too! 

I also bought a special two drawer for the middle top cubby.  I originally bought it to hold the remotes and things like that, but after the first day I realized it was not going to be possible with a little one.  So, I put Barbies and Mrs. Potato head in them instead.

I am totally loving this system!  Emma has been keeping everything in order and it's much easier for her to clean up and maintain, especially since those bins are so big!  Did you see how many little figurine toys she has?  And believe me when I say that she plays with every single one of them!  

Also, I don't know if you noticed the little dress up bin?  I'm still working on that one.  I want to actually hang up and store all her dress up items in one place, but just haven't found where yet.  

So, it's time for a little before and after action...

Ahhh!  Doesn't the cleanness bring a smile to your face?  What do you think about this toy storage system? 

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