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May 19, 2014

A Little Pick Me Up

We have been living in our "Living Room" a little over two years now and it was about time we gave our bed a little pick me up.  You see, we have been sleeping on just the box spring and mattress on the floor for those two years!  It was time our bed started looking more like a "grown up" bed and less like a college apartment.

You can see from this picture (from my Organized Shoes post) how low the bed was.  You can also take a peek at our old bed sheets and pillow cases.  Nice, but again it was screaming college student instead of young married couple. (I liked the pink, but the hubby wasn't as thrilled about the color as I was.) This was actually the first thing we changed.  I added this duvet cover set in grey to our wedding registry and though no one got it for us, we were able to save on it after!  Funny thing is I still have that pink comforter!  It's the one I put inside the duvet cover. (Win!)

The duvet set made a big difference and now it was time to lift our bed up where it belonged with some bed rails.  I was excited about this because not only would our bed look more grown up, but we would be getting a whole queen sized storage space underneath it!

This is the after.  It's looking a lot better isn't it?

And do those curtains look familiar?  They were the Threshold Farrah Fretwork Panels I just had to have back in August and I was able to get them for just $15.99 each!  (Yaay for coupons & Target!)

So far our vision for our bedroom is coming together.  There are just a few more things we need to do in order to call it done...

Bedroom To Do List:

-New bed cover & shams (If you're more of a comforter person because you can't stand those duvet covers, then you can get this one here.  It just costs a little more, but will save you the headaches.)
-New sheets
-Add accent pillows
-Bed rails
-Bed skirt
-Under bed storage (in progress)
-Matching side tables (or at least one with drawers for the other side)
-Add art
-Change lamp base
-Change rug (still undecided)

What do you think of our room so far?  Is it looking more grown up?

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  1. I love having under-the-bed storage. Since we have a small space, we have our queen bed frame up on cinder blocks (total college style, even though we are out of college and have 3 kids!) so we have even more storage space than just our bed frame alone!

    1. That is totally a great idea to maximize the storage space under the bed. Thanks for stopping by and sharing Stephanie! =)

  2. I love your comforter. And, the pop of red makes it even better. Don't you love making your home a little more comfy. I know when I feel that my home is decorated (even simply) I feel a little better about my day! Have a great one!


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