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April 4, 2014

Where Do You Put a Potty Seat?

If you have potty trained, then you are probably familiar with the famous potty seat!  You probably are also familiar with how annoying it can be if you don't have a place to store it.  I don't know how many time I've stepped on it on the floor or leaned it up against something so it wouldn't be in the way, only to find that it actually is in the way and having to lean it against something else.  I finally got tired of this and decided I had to come up with something.  

I decided to purchase some command hooks, but I was using them for other projects.  When I was done with all of them I realized I had one left and decided I could use it to help me in this potty seat dilemma.  

Most potty seats have a gap on the top of them, which is perfect to catch on something to hang!  

I simply just placed the command hook on the side of the bathroom cabinet and then placed the potty seat onto it's new home!  

This was the perfect and simple solution for my problem!  The potty seat now has a home and everyone knows where it should go if not in use. (No more stepping on it on the floor!!)

After doing this, I wanted to see if anyone else had thought of it but couldn't find much.  I did however find this Potty Seat Hook!  It hooks to the side of the toilet tank and is only $2.99 at Babies R Us.  This is great if you can't find a place to put a command hook near the potty.  

You never really give much thought on where the potty seat will be stored when you purchase it, so those who are planning to potty train in the future...You're Welcome! :)

How did you all store your potty seats?  Who here is potty training or still using the potty seat for their little ones? 

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  1. The hook is a great idea. We usually just set ours in the tub (we usually have the shower curtain closed). Our two youngest are boys, so the seat always had drips on it, so hiding it in tub kept any drips off the floor. :)

    1. That's a good idea! I never thought of just hiding it in the tub. Thanks for sharing. =)


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