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April 28, 2014

Small Figurine Storage

My little girl and I have become LPS & MLP fans!!  (LPS: Littlest Pet Shop, MLP: My Little Pony)  We've even started collecting some of the small figurine toys!  With all the little parts they come with, especially the LPS toys, it's hard to keep track of them and have them available in one place for when she's ready to take them out to play.  This past weekend I tackled this little project and this is how I got our small collection neat & tidy!  

As always, I made a trip to our local dollar store.  I wasn't sure what I was looking for, but I knew it had to be some kind of container that could fit her little ponies and another to fit all her Littlest Pet Shop toys.  It also had to have room to grow, just in case we decide to add to our collection.  I almost left the isles when I saw them!  

These beauties were waiting for me at the end of the isle!  (Am I the only one who gets super excited about containers?)  The one on top was the last one (score!).  I liked these containers because they had the same tops as the ones I used for our Puzzle Organization, so I knew they were easy for Emma to open and close all by herself.  These containers are really food storage containers.  The one on top is an 80oz and the bottom is a 108.5oz.  

Of course I had to add my special touch to these!  Just like the puzzles, I wanted Emma to be able to identify what belonged in what container.  The easiest thing to use was pictures, so I just Googled a few images and taped them to the inside of the containers and lids.  Check them out!

And here is a little peak inside...

This is working well for us so far.  The containers are easy for my little one to carry around and move from one place to the other.  It also keeps the floor mess free when she's not playing with them.  

Any other LPS & MLP fans out there?  How do you store your collection?  

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