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April 7, 2014

Planning Learning Activities for Kids

Hello everyone!  Welcome back to another week of Kids Organization Month!  Today I'm talking about keeping kids entertained with learning activities!  It's a great way to provide learning and fun for them when they get bored.

My little one used to be a technology hog!  She would hog up the television while on the iPad and she was still begging for my phone too!  Sad, but it's sooo true.  =/  I knew something had to change when that's all she wanted to do, so I did a little research (Google is my best friend) and found some great activities for her to do!

I didn't stop there though.  I made a week's worth of activities for her, along with projects, and called it her "School".  She loved this!  It made her feel like a real big girl because she was going to school, and I felt great too because she was no longer on a technology only entertainment diet.  Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but it sure did feel that way!

Here are some simple steps I took to plan out her activities.  This would be great to do for those little ones who don't go to school yet or during the summer when they are off and at home!

1)  Google some activities and see what kind of things are out there for them to learn. I just simply Googled Toddler Learning Activities and a whole bunch of stuff popped up!

2)  Take what you've seen and come up with an agenda.  Decide what you want your child to do during the day and list them on a piece of paper.  My activities included Music/Dance, Spelling, Reading, Math, Arts & Crafts, Science and a Motor Skills Activity.

3)  Use Pinterest to keep track of all the activities you find!  You can check out my Pinterest Board here for a few things I've found.  I also just make up some of her activities using things I already have on hand and inspiration I've seen from the web.

4)  Decide what activities will be done and plan them out for the week!  The activities can be as simple as going for a nature walk for Science time or reading a favorite book for Reading time.  Don't make everything too difficult because then it might not be fun for them....and you.  Keeping it simple is stress free and you still get the same results!

5)  Get things ready for the week early.  I have to give major props to teachers!  Before starting this with my little girl, I never knew how hard it was to get things ready for an activity for the week and I can't imagine what it would be like for 50+ students!  I feel it's so worth it to prepare for the week, though.  I try to keep it at one big activity a day (usually something arts & crafts).  After planing everything out and getting everything ready, the week usually goes by smoother. 

One thing I love about planning little learning activities for the week is now my little one is not bored as much as she used to be.  She looks forward to "School" every day.  She still has her technology time and her free play time, but for the most part there is a routine set and I get to choose when she has that iPad and tv time.  

You can adjust these activities depending what's going on in your day.  If my little girl is playing quietly with her toys in her room, you betcha I'm not going to disturb her!  To me, she's using her imagination and learning in her own way.  Some days we don't even get to every activity on the list and I'm fine with that.  As long as she's not hooked to technology all day. 

A little note, when you start you will have to make a few learning activities that will take time (like this motors skills activity) but it can be used numerous times once you have it made!  This makes up for that time in the long run! 

I'll be showing you into my activity storage later this week and I also have a few free printables for you, so stay tuned! 

What kind of learning activities do you do with your kids?  I'd love to hear them, so please share in the comments below. 

**Join me all month long for more Kids Organizing tips and projects!

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