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April 2, 2014

Organizing Kid's Snacks

Last time I did a kid's snack post, we were storing our snacks in a drawer (See post here).  We live in my parent's house temporarily, so we are tight on space.  Luckily we are able to live upstairs and have a full bedroom (my little girl's room), a full bath and a family room (aka our bedroom, living room, computer room, closet, kitchen and I'm sure I forgot a few other things) all to ourselves, so we still have a little more room to work with than just one room.  Storage is still an issue and sometimes we have to get creative, which brings us back to why we used to store our snacks in a drawer.  :)  But enough about our living situation and back to our new snack system!

When I come home from a shopping trip, I put up all the groceries, but leave my little one's snacks out (except for single served yogurts and things like that). I then start the process of evenly distributing the snacks into snack bags, grouping like items together, and storing them in containers.  This part takes some time, but I only do it once a week and it makes snack time a breeze!  I've also come to learn that buying most products already separated into baggies are more expensive than those you can buy in bulk and evenly portion out yourself, so doing this every week helps my wallet!

I use a 1/2 measuring cup to evenly separate our dry items like animal crackers, Snack Mix, and gold fish crackers.  

I also take items like raisins and peanut butter crackers out of their bulk packages so I can store them nicely into other containers.  

For fruit, I make sure I wash all fruits, take grapes off their stems and cut strawberries.  Usually I buy blueberries too, but they haven't been in stock at my local grocery store the past few times I've gone.

Then I make fruit cups so everything can be ready to eat!  I usually make enough mixed fruit for the week and store the rest in separate containers in case we just want to eat grapes one day or blueberries the next.

We have a mini fridge, so we had to get really creative when it came to storing our snacks.  The clear bins were just $1 from the dollar store and they fit all our dry snacks perfectly!  

It bugged me how the raisins would fall and take up more space than they should, so I used a small dollar store food storage container for the raisins so they can be stored separately in the small container but still be seen from the outside.  

I scored these clear food storage containers at the dollar store too (pictured far left)!  I loved all the colors, so I bought one in each and used them for my fruit cups.

Another thing I do to make things easier is fill our drink dispenser up with mini waters instead of sodas.  It makes it easier for my little one to get one herself and feel a little more independent.  She even helps put them in sometimes. 

And there you have it...how I organize my little one's snacks to make snack time and my life easier!  Boy, have our snacks come along way from our drawer storage! 

How do you organize all your snacks? 

Join me all month long for more Kids Organizing tips and projects! 

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  1. I love this idea. I really need to get into the habit of divvying up snacks after we get home from the grocery store. Things get hectic during the week and I bet this would really simplify things! Thank you for sharing :)

  2. Wow! That's inspiring. It drives me crazy when the kids grab the box of crackers and finish the whole thing in one setting.

  3. Thank you! These are really good tips! My son is always asking snacks and I will start stashing healthy things like this from now on!

  4. Great ideas here! Quick, easy and accessible for hungry little paws!


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