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April 2, 2014

April is Kids Organization Month!

April is here and what a perfect month to focus on our kids and the many things we do to keep them organized!  I have a 3 year old little girl, I work part time and I'm a full time mother & wife.  I wanted to take this month to focus on my daughter and reevaluate some of the organization systems I have in place for her (or set some up too) so I can become better organized in this part of my life. 

Join me all this month for special posts on what I do to stay organized and what projects I'm working on this month to get organized when it comes to my little one.  

I would also love to get feedback and see how you stay on top of your kid's organization!  Email me your projects and tips along with pictures for your chance to be featured on the blog this month!  

So who's ready to get this month's focus started and our kids Organized?


-Organizing Kid's Snacks

-Where Do You Put a Potty Seat?
-Planning Learning Activities for Kids
-Learning Activities FREE Printable
-Storing Kid's Activities
-Polka Dot Labels Free Printable!
-Small Figurine Storage

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