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March 17, 2014

Lovely Cabinet Updates

It's been a while since I've talked about my cabinet under my bathroom sink, but today I have a few updates!  Remember what it used to look like?....

It looks pretty awesome!  Everything was working great for me.  I still have that drawer to hold my personals and I still keep my blow dryer in a magazine file, but I've moved my straightener to a straightener holder that I put under the sink.  I've also switched out the container that held my cleaning products to a long white one.  The cleaners were cramped into that tiny bin, so this one allows them to be in a line and easier to find.

There's also a few new items that I've added to make this space even more awesome!  One is this lovely little trick for storing my cleaning gloves.

It's so simple!  All you need for this is a command hook and a binder clip!

Yup!  I told you it was easy. =)

Another addition to this space is the hand towel bucket.  As I mentioned here, we've switched to using wash clothes as our hand towels in order to cut our towel load in half.  It's been working out great but we did come into a problem since we didn't have any place to put the towels in and they would end up on the floor.  We don't really have room for a laundry basket.  I added this bucket I bought for $1 at the dollar store a few years ago and it was perfect to hold up to a week supply of dirty hand towels!  When there's only one towel left then it's time to throw in a load of towels so we can be stocked up again.  

You all are probably wondering by now where the stool has gone to?  We had to take it out because it was taking up room under the sink.  My little girl has another stool that she uses more, so we just moved the owl stool to her room so she can use it in there.

Change is always good and most times it is for the better!  Organizing is all about changing and tweaking little things to get the best system that works for you! 

I love the little changes I've made under my sink!  What do you think? 

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