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March 1, 2014

Good Bye February, Hello March!

Good Bye February!

March already?  Where in the world did February go?  It was a short month, but I feel that I got a lot of organizing done and  checked off some projects on my To Do List!  Here's a chance to see all that was done and catch up on some posts you might have missed! 

After many months, I finally revealed our finished vintage doors that we used for our Wedding! 

I found a new pancake recipe that is super easy to make & frees up more time for me in the morning.

I got Hooked on Towels when I installed some new towel hooks that surprisingly helped me do less laundry!

It was the perfect time to take charge of my office area and that's just what I did!  It's a amazing how different something can look with a little cleaning. 

I got a hold of my hand towel situation!  No more using big towels to dry our hands, these little towels are just perfect!

After organizing the bathroom a little, I figured that my husband's things needed a little organizing too. 

Yaay!  200+ Facebook "Likes"!
I hit 200+ "Likes" on my Facebook page and I was able to have a giveaway (over now)!  Thank you all so much for being so awesome! =)  If you don't already "Like" me on Facebook, what are you waiting for?  Head over here to my Facebook and Click the "Like" button.

Made a little recycle basket for loose papers.  See how I put those papers to use.  

Now that the desk is cleaned, It's time to organize & decorate!

And finally, a post that has been a year in the making!  I don't know how many times I started to write this post and decided not to post it, but I'm glad I finally did.  Come check out the after...it's amazing! =)
That was my February.  I can't wait to see what March will bring!
Hello March!

How was your month?

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