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March 10, 2014

Decluttering My Closet

I'm back!  Did you miss me?  This week I'm talking all about cleaning & decluttering your home in time for spring!

I'm taking part in a great Spring Cleaning Challenge called 40 Bags in 40 Days where you challenge yourself to declutter and simplify 40 spaces in your home in 40 days (not including Sundays) up until the day before Easter.  It really motivated me to look at my spaces and see what I really needed and what was just taking up space.

I knew my closet was going to be the first spot on my list.  We live in a small space, so we actually had to make our own "closet" in a corner of the room.  It's out in the open, so you can see everything in it.  It's also a space that I use every day and one that needs to be more functional.  My closet was full of items that I didn't want to part with and these items just took up space.  It was so bad that I could not fit anything else into my drawers and had to set them on the top, defeating the purpose of having organizing drawers for my clothes.  

The clothes that were hanging were messy too!  They didn't have any order and it was difficult to find the shirts I was looking for.  The short sleeves would also get lost between the longs sleeve shirts.

Here is a before picture of my closet, keep in mind that I had already cleaned this a few weeks earlier.  There was a bigger pile of stuff on top of these pull out drawers!  I wish I would have taken before, before photos!  I even added a shelf a few days before I started this project as an attempt to get my clutter under control. 

Now it was time to tackle the mess!  I started by going through each and every drawer and made sure to take at least one item out of each one.  It was very hard at first.  I've been holding on to some things for a while but after I saw how much space I was getting back, there was no stopping me.  It also didn't take much time at all!  I think it took a total of 20-30 minutes the most. 

The end result was this!

Notice how I even color coded my hung clothes and put them in order from short sleeve to long sleeve in each color category?  This has made finding what I need much easier.

And this was all the pile of clothes I bagged up to be donated!

I'm so glad I started this challenge with my closet.  It gave me the push to go on to do other projects the other days (More cleaning projects coming soon!).

Now for the awesome before and after pictures side by side!  (Click on pics to make them bigger)

I hope seeing this and how easy it could be to change your space will motivate you to join me in doing this!  I encourage you to read this article and share your awesome accomplishments with everyone!  It's never too late to start!

Have you started Spring Cleaning yet?

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