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February 15, 2014

Organized Hand Towels

Ok, so I'm kinda back on the subject of laundry...and yes, it's still about towels.  

The other day I was cleaning my bathroom when I had a great idea, I love when that happens!  I've been trying to find another way to store our towels we use to dry our hands.  Before, we were using one big old towel hanging on a bar on our wall, but after I found out about the dead skin getting on towels (Yuck!) I decided I wanted to switch up our method to just one a day.  

Big towels were out of the question!  I had just accomplished cutting my towel laundry load to just one a week and didn't want to go back to two, so I decided on using the small washcloth towels as my hand towels.  Now I had to figure out how to store them. 

I thought about using a hanging cabinet bar like this one...

I almost even bought one the other day, but put it back because I still wasn't sure about it.  Another thing I was thinking about was a on the counter towel holder like this one...  

This would have worked too, but it would only house one-two towels at a time, and what if someone accidentally used both towels to dry their hands?   

Then, as I was cleaning my sink, I figured it all out.  I will use one of my bread bowls to hold the towels in!  We will get one towel a day and use it up, then toss it in the laundry basket at the end of the day.  Then the next day we can just grab the next towel to use up.  It sounds perfect to me, so I got right to work setting it up!  

I grabbed my grey porcelain bread bowl (seen here filled with washi tape) and rolled up some hand towels to fill it up with.  

It turned out great!  It's the perfect decorative and functional piece for these towels.  I also like how I can just wipe it clean when I need to.  Simple & easy!  

If you can't find these anywhere, or just don't want to spend that kind of money on one of these beauties, then you can also opt for a nice plastic basket.  

I found this one in the Target Dollar Spot for just $1 and it looks just as beautiful.  It fits the same 6 towels in one and is also nice and easy to clean off. They have it in grey, pink, white and black.  I have other plans for this basket though (that post coming soon). 

So now I'm curious....how do you store your hand towels? 

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