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February 17, 2014

Man Basket

That's right...a Man Basket, for all the manly things that end up on the bathroom counter!

If you remember from my post here where I showed you a second option on storing your hand towels in a basket, well...I mentioned that I had other plans for that basket and this was it!  As I was fixing the towels, I realized just how much stuff was still on the counter.  It still felt cluttered to me.  I wanted something I could put everything in so it could be tucked away if I needed it to, but also looked nice.

That's when I decided to use the basket to put all my husband's personal care items in!  It would be a home for all the things he uses everyday.  

After I placed everything in the basket, the counters felt neat and tidy.  Problem solved!  Here is what I was able to fit in the basket...shaver, shaving cream, deodorant, spray deodorant and Mouthwash.

This is a simple solution to counter clutter that didn't break the bank.  The project only cost me $1 for the lovely basket I got at the Target dollar spot!  

And just in case you are wondering what I do with all my personal care items that I use every day, you can check that out here.  The system I use works great and I'm still using it to this day!  I've been thinking about getting an over the cabinet door basket for my hubby to match mine, but I haven't found one yet.  But I think the basket is great, since I can just tuck the basket under the sink.  What do you think?

How do you organize you're every day personal care/beauty items?  I'd love to get more ideas from you!  Send me an Email at Neat_And_Tidy123@aol.com or you can leave me a message on one of the social media's below.  

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