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February 10, 2014

Hooked on Towels

Hi everyone!  I'm back today and still on the topic of Laundry.

As I mentioned in this post, I have been trying to turn my bad laundry habits into good ones.  I am so proud of myself and how much I have really turned my bad laundry habits around.  It's taken several small steps, but I've finally gotten my laundry to a place where I can actually manage it.  One thing I've done is cut my towel load by half.

The biggest load of laundry was my towels.  I was doing two loads of towels every week!  Why the big load?  My family of 3 was using one towel every time we showered.  That’s about 21 towels a week!  This was not cutting it for me.

I hung some hooks next to the shower and hung three towels on it, one for each family member.  I then told my husband that each towel will be used twice and then thrown into the laundry hamper.  This drastically cut my towels to about 9 per week, which equals one load of towels!  Woohoo! 

I originally had wanted to scale it down to just one per week, but after much research I decided not to.  I found out that even though you are clean when you dry yourself off, you still have particles of dead skin on you that get stuck to the towel….umm, yuck!  So the suggested use of a towel was about two days.

What has helped me maintain this system?

Getting together with my husband and talking to him about my laundry goals really helped.  I know it sounds silly, but I feel by him understanding how much of a struggle laundry was for me, we were both able to get on the same page and he has helped me maintain my goals by helping keep up with the systems I've put into place....like using one towel twice.  He has really helped me stick to this, which has made this goal successful.

The hooks have also helped us maintain this system.  Since we used one towel every time we showered, we would just throw the towels into the basket when we were done.  When I decided I wanted to use each towel twice, we didn't have a place to store them when not in use.  The hooks help keep everyone's towel from getting dumped on the floor and helps us remember who's towel is who's. 

These simple changes have helped me accomplish my Laundry goals.  What new systems have you put into place to help with Laundry?   

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