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January 31, 2014

Vintage Doors: Before & After

Today I'm excited to share with you a before and after project!  

Remember back in July when I shared our awesome Vintage Doors Find?  We had planned to use these doors for our wedding when we bought them.  After much work (all of it from my hubby) the doors were finally complete!  Here is a before pic.  

These doors needed a lot of work.  My hubby started by taking off all the hardware, we planned to paint the doors and we wanted to keep the hardware the same way.  He then sanded all the doors, which wasn't an easy a task as it sounds!  The sanding alone actually took a few months because the doors had a lot of little groves and some of the paint just didn't want to come off.  He then painted to doors with the colors we chose together and lastly put some brackets on the bottom of them to hold up the doors.  He spray painted the brackets gold to add to the vintage feel.  We used four brackets for each door.  

And here is the after pictures.....
(Photo taken & protected by Michelle Lee Photography)

And here is the last door.  We turned it into a chalkboard so family and friends can leave their well wishes.
(Photo taken & Protected by Michelle Lee Photography)

My favorite door is the glass window door.  I love the glass door knob on it.  If I pick only one door to keep the red one is the one I'd choose for sure!

Overall, the doors were a great hit at the wedding and I'm glad all my hubby's hard work paid off. 

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  1. Very nice color combo! It looks like a photo booth backdrop? I hope you share pictures of how it turns out at the wedding!

    1. Thank you Rachel. Yes it was a photo booth backdrop and I plan to share a few pics and crafts from our wedding soon. =)

  2. These look great! What a creative use for old doors. So fun!


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