Home Life Blog: Happy New Year & Laundry Goal

January 15, 2014

Happy New Year & Laundry Goal

Happy New year everyone!  I know I’m a little late, but I am happy to say that I am now a Mrs.!  These past few months have been filled with nothing but work and wedding planning, we crafted pretty much everything in our wedding! (Pictures and wedding crafts coming soon).  I'm very happy to have the time again to clean and organize because my house sure has been flipped upside down.  I can't put all the blame on the wedding planning though.  Some of it is part to bad habits. That's why in this New Year I plan to change my bad habits into good ones.

First thing I will try to tackle is my laundry.  It's really gotten out of control.  Think piles and piles of laundry all over the floor, in hampers and on any chair you could find to dump them.  I know!  It's a horrible thing to picture!  One of the bad habits I have when it comes to laundry is I take the laundry out of the dryer and put it strait into the hamper always thinking to myself that I will fold it....but I never do.  So then my "clean laundry basket" is sitting next to my "dirty laundry basket"  and they get all mixed up.  I have to wash all the clothes again because I forget which are clean and which are dirty.  (Double the work!)

I’m giving myself till February to come up with a system for keeping dirty clothes off the floor and from keeping clean clothes in the laundry basket.  I think the more I think about this and try not to do these bad habits, the better chance I will have in making some good habits, like folding clothes strait out of the dryer and putting them up.  Or putting laundry baskets in places where I know we throw clothes more.  Maybe even do laundry a little more often so I won’t have a huge pile of clothes to wash.

I also encourage you to share any laundry tips you might have!  Not only would this help me out, but maybe others who are trying to tackle their laundry problems as well.  

What resolutions or goals have you set for this new year? 


  1. I have a bad habit also about laundry. Once its out of the dryer I just fold it out of the dryer but to the clean basket and not put it away until I get tired of seeing it in the laundry room. Please share any new ideas please..

  2. Hi Nat. I have that habit too! I would wash all my laundry, but leave it folded in the hampers and not put anything away. The good thing is that you fold it strait out of the dryer!

    What I've been doing lately, and it's been working so far, is not starting the next load of laundry until I have put up what I have folded from the dryer. So, I fold my clothes, put whatever is in the washer into the dryer, put my washed clothes in my laundry basket, put them up and then get my next load to wash.

    This has been working for me because I know I cannot continue my laundry until all my clothes are put away.

    Also, if you fold your clothes into categories, then it will be a lot easier to put up. For example, shirts with shirts and pants with pants. If you have kids then ask them to put up their own clothes. This will be a big help for you too.

    Everyone is different though, so if anyone else have any tips, please share. Thanks!


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