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August 20, 2013

It's the Little Things that Count!

This Sunday, my future husband and I celebrated 5 wonderful years together!  I already had my ring and since this was the day I had always thought he would propose, I had no idea what he would be getting me for our big 5.  I was thinking materialistic things here, not that I'm so materialistic, but the way he was making it sound the days leading up to our anniversary I seriously thought it would be a camera, more label accessories or something like that.  I should have known my love would have something even more special up his sleeve.  He is honestly the most sweetest and thoughtful person I have ever met and I will show you why.

Our anniversary is officially at midnight 8/18, so I was a little bummed when I found out that I working late & a full shift the night before.  I love my job, but I wanted to spend more time together with my love leading up to our true Anniversary.  Well I got home around 11pm 8/17 and was surprised to find that my gift was already out waiting for me!  This is what I came home to....

Isn't it beautiful!  My almost 3 year old daughter helped pick the flowers for me and the box is just a regular card board box that my love spray painted silver and added gold wood accents to (the wood came from an old chair we picked up on the side of the road).  Isn't this amazing?  He's a really awesome DIYer and I've been telling him for months to start his own DIY blog!

He bought the mason jar from Amazon along with the key that was waiting for me with a message.  One side said Happy 5 Years and the other side said a simple I Love You!  He made the key fit perfectly into the key hole he made.  Doesn't really open the box up, but looks really awesome and detailed.  Cute right?!  Wait till I show you what's inside.  You haven't even seen anything yet!

I opened up the box to find 5 more mason jars inside, each one representing the 5 years we have been together.  

Each jar had a picture of us from each year, including one from when I was pregnant with our little girl, and each one had some kind of token from the past 5 years (ticket stubs, dried up flowers, etc...).

He even included a whole jar with more keys like the one he had waiting for me because I have been looking for pretty keys like crazy for our wedding.  The blue mason jars will also be used for our wedding.

Didn't I tell you this man was the most sweetest and thoughtful person ever!  How does he come up with this stuff?  It makes my $50 Home Depot gift card & Dark Side of the Moon vinyl album look crummy!  This gift came from his heart and that's what our anniversary is all about, how much we love each other with all our hearts!  I'm so excited to be marrying this man next year and spending the rest of my life with him!

What is the most thoughtful and sweetest thing your someone has ever done for you?

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