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July 30, 2013

Our Vintage Doors Find!

After searching high and low I am happy to say that I found some vintage doors to use for our wedding!  Thank goodness for my soon-to-be hubby who helped me find them and bring them home!

I have been looking for doors for a while now, but all the ones that I liked cost $30-$80!!  That's too much for my pocket book!  One day my love and I were reading the newspaper when he saw they were having an Estate Sale down the road.  We went to check it out on the second day and everything was 50% off including these four vintage doors!  So, instead of paying $25 each door we paid $12.50 each door!  Awesome right?  The one with the window and glass door knobs was $15 because of all it's hardware.   I got really excited when I found that one b/c it still had the glass intact!

Here's a closer look at my favorite door!.....

Our plans for these doors are to hinge them together and use them as the backdrop in back of our wedding table!  We also plan to paint the second door from the left with chalk board paint and use it to write some kind of message for our wedding.  

I have big plans for these doors and can't wait to get started!  I'll have updates of the finished product once we are done fixing them up!  

What was your greatest find at an Estate or Garage sale?  

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