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June 27, 2013

I'm Back with Exciting News!

Hi everyone!  It's been a long while since I've posted anything!  I have not given up on this sight, but I just needed to get a few things in order first.  But I'm sure I will be posting a lot more in the next few months because...........I'M GETTING MARRIED! =)  We already call each other Husband and Wife, but we are making it official sometime early 2014! So the wedding plans are in full swing.

Here is a photo of my beautiful ring!

I have been waiting for this day and already had my theme in mind....A vintage wedding.  We both like the timeless look of antiques so the theme is perfect for both of us.  Now I'm on the hunt for inexpensive wedding decor and have been hitting up a few local thrift stores and our local library's book store to find the things I need.  I don't know the first thing about wedding planning, but I have set a budget that seems reasonable to me and hope to come as close to it as possible. (More on that later)  

I can't wait to show you the bargains I've already found and will find in the future.  You can bet if there's a way to cut the cost I will be on it! I see a lot of thrifting, garage sales and DIYing in my near future!


  1. Oh wow that's great news!! Congratulations! !! I know there's a ton of tips and ideas on pinterest. One of my good friends got married this year and she decided to make her own bouquet with the antique brooches. Came out beautiful!! Well good luck with everything :)

    1. Thanks for the tip Nancy! I have been pinning a few things and actually saw the brooch bouquet, but all the brooches I've found so far cost way too much. I'm still on the hunt though! =)


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