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March 5, 2013

Junk Drawer Turned Baking Drawer: Update

Sorry I didn't have time to post the finished junk drawer turned baking drawer last week but I really got busy with last minute family visits and projects for work.  Truth is, with all that came up I'm still not completely done with it, but this week looks better!  Here is a little update on how the project is coming along.

I've finally cleaned out all the junk from the drawer and wiped it down.

I then located all the little baking items throughout the house and some boxes to hold them and then grouped the like items together and put them into boxes that would house them nicely.

Finally, I placed the boxes in the drawer to where they all fit and I can easily access everything.  I didn't realize how many cookie cutters we had until this project!  I think it's time to buy some cookie dough and let my little one have fun cutting out different shapes! =)

I love how this project turned out.  It's definitely way better than what it looked like before…

How are you doing with your organizing projects?  I'd love to see pics or hear what you are doing! 

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