Home Life Blog: Junk Drawer Turned Baking Drawer: (The Before Picture)

February 25, 2013

Junk Drawer Turned Baking Drawer: (The Before Picture)

This is our junk drawer!  This drawer is filled with 12 years worth of miscellaneous items that have been placed there for one reason or another and as you can probably see, it is not functional.  We have gotten used to it and open it to look for things without a second thought of why it was so messy, until I saw this Baking Drawer post by IHeart Organizing!  Isn't it beautiful?

This family loves to bake so it just made sense to me that we should have a drawer for baking items.  All our baking tools are placed in different cupboards, drawers, and other spaces in our kitchen I wouldn't even think to look for them in.  I plan to gather all of them up, clean out this drawer and create a HOME for all the baking items to make it easier to find things when we need them.  I have a vision and a plan and I'm excited to put it into action and share the results with you!

I would also like to challenge you to take a look at your own junk drawer and think of what useful space you can turn it into to benefit your lifestyle and space!  At the end of the project when I reveal my baking drawer, you will have a chance to "Link Up" your own picture of your work to show off how you transformed your junk drawer!

*If you don't have a junk drawer, then feel free to share any other projects you have been working on as well!

Let's get this challenge started and say Bye Bye to our junk drawers! 

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  1. We live with my parents and there are multiple junk drawers here. Unfortunately, it's not my place to clean them out, but I would love to free up that space!


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