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February 1, 2013

Double Your Closet Space!

Here is a sneak peek of our closet space!  It's really amazing to see how you could double the amount of space you have by the folds you use.  These drawers were over flowing with tee shirts and tanks to the point where they would not close.  Thankfully I found some wonderful videos that gave me helpful ideas on how to get our mess under control and make them look organized like my husband's drawer above!

Alejandra from Alejandra.tv has so many great ideas to organize your home! (I think I might be addicted to her organizational videos!)  I recently saw two videos where she explains how she organizes her closet space.  The first one is this video on how to "file" your tee shirts which I thought was a really neat method!

I've had my tees folded like this for a month now and it helps me find what I need faster however, I didn't use the folding board she used.  Instead I made my own out of a two-pocket folder.  (You can also make one out of cardboard, but I would use some masking tape on the sides and edges so it won't snag your clothes.)  I then followed the same folding steps that I saw her do in the video.  (1) Lay the shirt flat with the back facing up.  (2) Place the folder at the very top of the tee and center it.  (3) Fold in the sides of the shirt.  (4) Fold the shirt up and take out the folder.  Depending on how long the shirt is, you might want to do an extra fold at the bottom of the shirt as well before you fold it up so it won't be sticking out.  (5) Fold the shirt in half one last time.

I also came across this video where she explains how she organizes and folds her tanks and used it to fold mine as well.

This fold doesn't take long at all and I love opening up the drawer and finding just what I need.  It's also a great start to my day when I can wake up in the morning and open up the drawers to everything organized.  It makes getting ready less stressful.  I haven't gone as far as color coding my drawers, but I think this is a good start.

And here's the last of my husband's tee's...

I actually started this fold with his shirts because he had so many that wouldn't fit into his drawers anymore so he had stacks of them everywhere.  After I saw the video I started to fold all of them down this way and separated his graphic tees from his pattern and solid tees.

So, those are our closet drawers!  I can't believe how our closet space has literally doubled and I'm loving how organized our drawers look!  I really wouldn't mind leaving them open so I can admire them as I walk past. =)

How do you keep your closet drawers organized?  Any other folding tips you personally use that you would like to share?  I'd love to hear them!

If you would like to purchase a folding board like the one in the video, you can find them on Amazon starting at $14!  Here are a few to choose from.

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