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January 8, 2013

Easy Scarf Storage

I love scarves!  I have lots of them and wear them from Winter through Spring and Summer, then into Fall!  Having a lot of scarves means I need to store them in a way I can easily and quickly access them since I'm usually in a hurry to get out the door.  I was having difficulty storing my scarves.  I tried stuffing them in a drawer, but they would get tangled together and took some digging around to find one.  I also tried hanging them up on a hanger but found it made my already small closet space look too messy and they would snag when I would get one off.  There had to be a better way to store them.

I was able to find this great basket for just $7 at Marshalls.  I fell in love with it right way and couldn't resist taking it. I'm really into the grey colors right now and thought liked how sturdy it was.  I knew this basket would be perfect for my scarves!  I folded my scarves and put them in the basket and voila, I had all my scarves organized and looking beautiful!

To fold them, follow the following steps...

1)  Hang the scarf over your wrist so ends hang evenly down.
2)  Hold the end of the scarf with one hand and use your other wrist to twirl it until it's tight, but to where you can still slip your wrist out.
3)  Fold the scarf in half (it will automatically twist like the ones above) and place the end of the scarf into your other hand and pull the scarf through the loop.
4)  Place your scarf in a drawer or basket to store for when you need it.

If you have scarves that are square shape you can still do this same concept.  Just fold it in half to make a triangle and gather up the middle, then follow the same steps as above.

What do you think about storing your scarves this way?  How do you store your scarves?  

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