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January 16, 2013

A Nicely Organized Medicine Cabinet

A medicine cabinet is a nice little space that can hide all the clutter.  From dental floss to medicines, this little cabinet can hold many of the tools we need and use every day and though it helps our counter tops look mess free, we usually don't put much thought into cleaning and organizing it too.  But I feel we should because it is part of our bathroom and we do have to look into it every day.

Over the weekend, I decided to clean mine out and add a little something that will make me want to open it more and keep it clean!  Maybe I won't even close the door ever again! =)

-First I started by taking everything out of the cabinet and wiping down the shelves.

-Next I went through all the junk I just pulled out and separated them into three categories; what I wanted to keep in there, what can be moved somewhere else and what could be thrown away.  I had so much room after doing this that I actually was able to add a few new things that didn't have a home!

-I then measured my cabinet and cut a piece of shelving paper to fit the back of my cabinet.  I left the back of the shelving paper on and instead of sticking it, I just simply slid it in behind the shelves.  I did have to pull my shelves forward a bit, but not out.  I then stuck it into place with double sided tape on each corner and slid the shelves back to hold it.

-Before I put the items back in, I separated the items even more into different groups and put them into little organizational bends and labeled them so everyone can find what they're looking for.  (P.S.  I used a tissue box and a 2" hole punch for the background.  Then printed out the categories using word and used a 1 1/2" hole punch for the middle.)

-Lastly, I put all my items back into the medicine cabinet and since it was cleaned out so nicely, I was even able to add our tooth brush holder and clear some space up on the sink!

And here is a closer look of what it all looks like in the end!


This project may be small, but it sure does get you into the cleaning and organizing mode!

What do you think of this project?  Do you have a bathroom cabinet to show off?  

What I used for this project:

-Self Adhesive Shelf Liner - 2 Pack
-EK Success Paper Shapers 2-Inch X-Large Scallop Circle Nesting Punch
-EK Success Paper Shapers 1-1/2-Inch Circle Nesting Punch
-InterDesign Stainless Suction Razor Holder
-Rubbermaid Drawer Organizer (This one is similar to the ones I used and even a little nicer!)

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