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December 22, 2012

Christmas Cone Wreath

I love crafting!  It feels nice to create wonderful and beautiful things, as well as memories too.  If you follow me on Facebook, earlier in the week I showed you a sneak peek of a project I was was making and I can honestly say that what it turned out to be was nothing what I meant it to.  It still came out wonderful and I love it more than what I wanted to make.  Here is what I ended up making and the How-To.


-Cone shape template
-Cardstock paper
-Scrapbook paper
-Double sided tape or glue
-Hole punch
-Ribbon or yarn
-Printer or Stickers

1)  Pick the scrapbook paper you want to use.
2)  Print and cut out this FREE cone template from the Nestle Family
3) Trace the template on the back of each scrapbook paper and cut out. (If you are using the scrapbook paper that is regular paper size, then you can just print out the template on the back of each paper and cut out.)

To form the cone just simply fold the cone over so the flat ends meet up.  It's ok if they don't close all the way up, mine where open at the top and closed on the bottom only.  I used double sided tape to tape them together.

After you form the cones, get a piece of cardstock paper and form your cones into a wreath type shape.  You can move the cones around to get the color pattern you want.  Once they are pretty much in place, take your double sided tape and start taping them down to the cardstock and then tape the sides of them together too so they can stick to one another.

You can put anything you want in the center.  I simply went into word and made mine using the circle in shapes and the Hollywood font.  I chose the colors that I wanted and made it big enough to be taped to the top of the wreath and I was done!

This is a nice family activity to do with your kids, maybe even for the new year or another holiday.  

Just to make a note, I originally wanted to string these cones on some twine to make a Christmas banner, but when I did, I noticed they looked nice side by side and formed the perfect wreath.  I ended up finishing up stringing them together and tying the twine, so if you are having problems keeping the cones together, you might want to take a needle and thread and string yours together too. 

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  1. What a cute idea! I have TONS of designer papers I'm going to try this for Valentine's day. Thanks for the fun new project!


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